Your Own Football Shenanigans

Cant remember what the last one was called.

Had a good one last week. We had a referee who refused to blow his whistle under any circumstances, which led to the game progressively getting more violent. A teammate was grabbed from behind and backslammed into the pitch which promptly led to a shirt fronting and subsequent melee. My teammate promptly blew up at the ref who then lost his temper and went off like Krakatoa. So while play continued unsupervised, these two went at it hammer and tongs. Then players in the other team blew their stack because the referee had stopped watching the game completely, leading to a substitute referee being called. Utter mayhem. Never seen a ref do his rag so violently before. The game culminated in two players in the other team arguing, name calling and squaring off against each other.

Oh, we won by the way.

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Last game of the season this weekend, which would usually be depressing except that due to the lack of seasons or needing to give fields to cricket, we start a new season the following week!