2019-20 SFCU Player of the Season


This is the 9th season of the SFCU Player of the Season Award, voted by SFCU members.

How it works:

  • After each match, a poll will go up on the front page of SFCU to vote for your players of the match. You must be an SFCU user to vote.
  • You have 6 points to allocate to players who appeared for Sydney in the match, in any way you see fit. You can give all 6 to a single player, 1 point each to six different players, whatever.
  • Your votes only count if you allocate all 6 points. A little pop-up should appear to indicate that your votes have been submitted successfully.
  • Voting will close about a week after the match.
  • The top 3 players in each match will receive 3-2-1 points respectively for the Player of the Season tally. Tied players will share the available points equally.
  • After each round, Player of the Match — the player gaining the most votes for that game — will be posted in this thread. 2nd and 3rd place will be kept secret so that the full result isn’t known until the end of the season.
  • Matches in the 2019 FFA Cup, 2019–20 A-League and the 2020 AFC Champions League will count towards the 2019–20 SFCU Player of the Season Award.
  • At the end of the season, the full votes from every match will be made publicly available.

MOTMs this season:

Results so far this season:

Rd Vs Result Voters Player of the match Avg votes (/6)
Cup R32 Brisbane Roar L 0-2 17 Andrew Redmayne 2.88
1 Adelaide United W 3-2 40 Adam Le Fondre 1.68
2 Wellington Phoenix W 2-1 28 Rhyan Grant 2.29
3 WS Wanderers L 0-1 26 Milos Ninkovic 2.35
4 Newcastle Jets W 4-1 21 Luke Brattan 1.43
6 Melbourne Victory W 2-1 30 Rhyan Grant 1.67
7 Perth Glory W 3-1 25 Milos Ninkovic 1.64
8 Western Utd W 2-0 25 Alexander Baumjohann 2.32
9 Brisbane Roar W 5-1 23 Alexander Baumjohann & Adam Le Fondre 2.13
10 CC Mariners W 1-0 22 Andrew Redmayne 2.05
11 Wellington Phoenix D 2-2 14 Luke Brattan 2.14
12 Melbourne City W 2-1 22 Luke Brattan 1.36
13 Adelaide United W 2-1 20 Paulo Retre 2.50
14 Newcastle Jets W 2-1 13 Milos Ninkovic 1.46
16 Melbourne Victory W 3-0 18 Alexander Baumjohann 3.33
17 Brisbane Roar W 1-0 14 Luke Brattan 1.86
ACL2 Yokohama F. Marinos L 0-4 30 Anthony Caceres 1.70
20 CC Mariners W 3-0 34 Marco Tilio 1.26
18 WS Wanderers L 0-1 23 Luke Brattan 1.96
ACL3 Jeonbuk Hyundai D 2-2 22 Trent Buhagiar 1.73
22 Melbourne Victory W 4-1 24 Anthony Caceres 2.71
23 Perth Glory D 0-0 18 Luke Brattan 2.33
24 WS Wanderers D 1-1 20 Luke Brattan 1.90
21 Wellington Phoenix W 3-1 20 Trent Buhagiar 2.05
28 Newcastle Jets L 1-2 16 Rhyan Grant 1.50
29 Melbourne City L 0-2 19 Andrew Redmayne 2.89
27 Adelaide United D 1-1 21 Harry van der Saag 1.71
25 Brisbane Roar D 1-1 21 Luke Ivanovic 1.90
26 Western United L 1-2 15 Anthony Caceres 1.93
SF Perth Glory W 2-0 30 Anthony Caceres 1.27
GF Melbourne City W 1-0 30 Rhyan Grant 2.50
ACL1 Shanghai SIPG L 1-2 19 Calem Nieuwenhof 2.42
ACL4 Jeonbuk Hyundai L 0-1 14 Calem Nieuwenhof 1.79
ACL5 Shanghai SIPG W 4-0 16 Luke Brattan 1.44
ACL6 Yokohama F. Marinos D 1-1 15 Trent Buhagiar 1.27

Previous winners:


Welcome back Rowdy
I’ll give you a tip for free
Milos Ninkovic

The Vedran flag :rofl:

ABJ is my tip.

Yeah ABJ is a pretty solid bet.

I also wouldn’t go past O’Neill having a big season assuming he stays but he is quite a quiet performer most of the time so I’m not sure that would be reflected in this.

I’ll through up a curveball and say Kosta

Feel like I never give Brandon the points he deserves just because his average / base is so ridiculous. It’s hard to stand out when you’re always solid AF.

Early pick for this year is Rhyan.

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My early tip is going to be Kosta as well, Baum in second.

I’ll be tipping Grant and Redders in second

Show some love to the Defenders.

Feedback - if I didn’t have to re-login every time to vote I would vote more often.

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a lot I can do about that while ensuring one vote per person. I’ve found the site cookie to be pretty good if you tick the ‘remember me’ thing.

Results for the first match: (unsurprisingly) not many voters, but Andrew Redmayne, who won 8 MOTMs last season, overwhelmingly won it first up this season. He picked up 2.88 votes on average, and the rest were spread very sparsely among the other players: 8 votes were enough for 3rd place.

Anyone who doesn’t tip Ninko at this stage of the season is having a “larf” extras style

:nerd_face: Are you having a larf?
Is he having a larf? :point_left: :nerd_face:

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Ninko is a victim of his own success. His base performance is so high that it takes an “unbelievable” performance for him to get the 3 points.

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Put a one legged Ninkovic next to a prime Thomas Broich and I know the Serb would amaze the crowd more.

Nothing wrong with Thomas Broich. I was always enjoyed watching him play, admittedly I had a soft spot for him because he had played for Gladbach. Broich will always be held in high esteem by A League fans and pundits because he was the first “hidden gem” kind of player who came to the A League under the radar and played with such flair and mastery. Ninko is very much the same kind of player and came to us under the same circumstances (relatively unknown and not as a marquee) but because he came a bit later when the expectations of the league had increased a bit, he doesn’t seem to receive quite as much praise. I guarantee you that had Ninko arrived at the same time instead of Broich, the praise would have been piled on him just as much.

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Round 1 vs Adelaide:

thanks for doing this again, Rowdy. Always great fun. Do people remember the bad old SFC days when people couldn’t think of anything better than to give 6 points to Arlo?

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