2019-20 SFCU Player of the Season

Rd 2 vs Wellington:

Great turn out last week, hopefully can get a good number of votes this week.

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Results for Rd 1 vs Adelaide:

We had a great turnout with 40 voters, and there was a clear top 4. All four players actually ended up with Player of the Season points, as there was a tie for 3rd, with those players just 4 points behind 2nd place.

But way out in front was Adam Le Fondre, taking the 7th SFCU MOTM of his Sydney FC career. He also won it in the corresponding fixture last year, as part of his excellent start to last season.

Turnout for Rd 2 vs Wellington hasn’t been so great thus far. It would be really good if we could maintain good numbers across this season, so please vote if you haven’t already:

Rd 3 vs WSW


(Last week vs Wellington should still be open til tomorrow night too)

If you’ve been trying to vote and keep running into Error 521 on the front page, you can also either post your votes here or PM them to me; I’ll make sure they get counted.

Results for last week vs Wellington: There was a clear top 3 in this one but the winner was way out in front. Rhyan Grant got his first for the season on his return from international duty. That’s three different winners in the first three matches.

Low numbers so far for the derby, but right now Error 521 seems to have disappeared (for me at least), so it’s a chance to get your votes in:

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Working for me again. Give it a try, folks.

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Rd 4 vs Newcastle:

Derby still open for another day or so as well

Result for the Round 3 derby: Milos Ninkovic was the clear winner here, picking up votes from all 26 voters (this doesn’t happen very often). It’s his first MOTM of the season, the 29th of his SFC career.

Still time to vote for the Newcastle win:

Result for Round 4 vs Newcastle: Luke Brattan picked up the first MOTM of his Sydney FC career. He’s the fifth different winner in five matches this season.

Thanks to all who voted!

Round 6 vs Melbourne:

Round 7 vs Perth:

(Round 6 still open until Sunday night too)

Can’t seem to log in to this. Have tried numerous times. any ideas?

We had a weird issue with a security plugin, try it now.

thanks. Works like a charm now! hard to pick again when the whole starting 11 played so well.

Took me a while to get to this, but results for the Rd 6 win over Melbourne:

It was a close race for first place, as the top two were separated by just 2 votes. But Rhyan Grant took it in the end in his 200th SFC appearance, remarkably given his trip back from Jordan. He’s the first player to win two this season.

Rd 7 vs Perth still open for another day or so:

Result for the win over Perth – After Rhyan Grant became the first player to get a second MOTM this season last weekend, Milos Ninkovic made sure he didn’t fall behind, taking a clear win for his second in 2019-20. It is the 30th MOTM of his 143-game SFC career.

Voting for the Western United win will be open until Sunday…

Last week’s result: Alexander Baumjohann took advantage of Milos Ninkovic’s absence to shine, and picked up the first MOTM of his Sydney FC career. He was awarded points by 24 of the 25 voters.

Voting for the Brisbane win is still open:

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That’s a bit of a surprise, given Alfie got a perfect hat trick.

Sorry last week as in the Western United game. Brisbane is still open

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Memo to self: pay attention