2019 Transfer Talk

May as well get the ball rolling here.

So far a few interesting transfers building up. Biggest news would be Neymar considering his options and wanting a move to Real Madrid. Love the fact that he moved to PSG to get out of Messi’s shadow and just ended up in Mbappe’s.

On that note, Mbappe considering a move away fro PSG, you’d really see a few clubs being interested in signing the guy, still ridiculously young and a strong player. Losing the two would really be a big hit to PSG.

Lastly, Griezmann looks to be without a club. He’s confirmed that he’s leaving Athletico, however Barca have played down interest in him after reportedly, players boycotted the move. Interesting to see where he goes from there.

Griezmann probably ends up in Paris to replace Neymar or Mbappe

Griezmann will end up at Juventus. There’s no other club out there that can meet Atletico’s asking price, need a starting CF, be a step up for him and be a good chance to win the Champions League.
I can’t see him going to:

Man City: Would he be starting ahead of Aguero in the big games?
Bayern: A step down from Atleti and a fair way off winning the CL.
Man Utd: Do I even need to start listing why?
Real/Barca: Atleti have made it clear they won’t let him go to either
PSG: They’re getting further away from winning the CL each season and are becoming weaker due to FFP restrictions
Liverpool: Does Klopp sign players this big? Can Liverpool actually afford him?

PSG will be making some huge sales this year though, which will help them with FFP, Mbappe won’t be cheap and I don’t see them wanting to make a loss on Neymar which gives them a hell of a lot of money to play with. There is still talk of Griezmann to Barca though.

Didn’t barca announce griezmann?
Or was that a fan made image of him in a barca jersey?

He turned down the offer last year which caused bad blood, but from what I heard, Barca was looking to pick him up this year, but the dressing room revolted and reportedly don’t want him. There’s quotes from Xavi asking whether the coach wants him or the owner wants him and the coach doesn’t.

Surely Bale is going to leave Madrid. Hopefully Levy pulls out the cheque book and brings him back to Spurs. Realistically though I’m guessing Mam U

United seems most likely. Only curveball I see is if Paris either dont get Griezmann or lose both Mbappe and Neymar.

How about Bale to Chelsea to replace Hazard?

I dont think their transfer ban was lifted?

Is it in place now? I thought it’s under appeal.

Selfish I know, but I would LOVE to see Bale run down his contract whilst spending his time on the golf course, and ruin Madrid’s chances of getting a cash injection, leaving them in FFP strife.

considering the way they’ve treated him, would be pretty hilarious if he gets back at them that way. Although would hurt is Euro chances. Bale I recon is at Man U this year 100%

fuck me Real and Barca look like they’re going crazy for Neymar. Real is rumored to be looking at $212 mill plus either James or Bale for him.

Also rumors of Sane to Bayern

De Ligt looks to have landed up at Juventus.

Don’t know why you would.
What do Italians know about developing centre backs?

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Dzeko to be announced for Inter in the coming days.

Plus PSG apparently wanted a swap deal for Pogba and Neymar. They’ve also looked to have signed Milinkovic-Savic for 80M Euro. How the fuck do they manage to justify spending that and doing a swap deal and STILL remain under FFP rules

Isn’t there some FFP work around where their owner puts all the money down as sponsorship and thus it’s okay?

I thought they’d closed that loophole after Man City had Etihad overpay by some ridiculous amount for stadium naming rights

So apparently Barca have triggered Griezmann’s release clause and reached an agreement with Neymar. I know Coutinho is supposedly on the way out but how are they fitting Messi Suarez Neymar Griezmann into one forward line and keeping everyone happy?