2021-22 SFCU Player of the Season (voting thread)


Welcome to the 11th season of the SFCU Player of the Season Award, voted by SFCU members.

We had a nice increase in voters last year. It would be awesome to see that trend continue. Every vote that you submit will earn you an entry into an end-of-season prize draw! (prize TBC)

How it works:

  • After each match, a poll will go up on the front page of SFCU to vote for your players of the match. You must be an SFCU user to vote. If you select “Remember me” when logging in to the SFCU front page, you should stay logged in for a year.
  • You have 6 points to allocate to players who appeared for Sydney in the match, in any way you see fit. You can give all 6 to a single player, 1 point each to six different players, whatever.
  • Your votes only count if you allocate all 6 points. A note should appear to indicate that your votes have been submitted successfully.
  • Voting will close about a week after the match.
  • The top 3 players in each match will receive 3-2-1 points respectively for the Player of the Season tally. Tied players will share the available points equally.
  • After each round, Player of the Match — the player gaining the most votes for that game — will be posted in this thread. 2nd and 3rd place will be kept secret so that the full result isn’t known until the end of the season.
  • Matches in the 2021 FFA Cup, the 2021–22 A-League Mens season and the 2022 AFC Champions League (up to the end of the group stage) will count towards the 2021–22 SFCU Player of the Season Award.
  • At the end of the season, the full votes from every match will be made publicly available.

MOTMs this season:

Results so far this season:

Rd Vs Result Voters Player of the match Avg votes (/6)
1 WS Wanderers D 0-0 58 Anthony Caceres 1.41
Cup R32 Sydney Olympic W 4-2 41 Patrick Wood 1.29
2 Macarthur FC L 0-1 38 Patrick Wood 1.74
3 Newcastle Jets D 2-2 41 Elvis Kamsoba 1.43
Cup R16 Macarthur FC W 2-0 36 Harry van der Saag 2.31
4 CC Mariners L 0-2 32 Elvis Kamsoba 1.59
5 Wellington Phoenix W 2-1 40 Elvis Kamsoba 1.75
6 Macarthur FC W 3-0 36 Max Burgess & Trent Buhagiar 1.19
Cup QF Brisbane Roar W 1-0 34 Elvis Kamsoba 2.00
10 Brisbane Roar D 1-1 32 Elvis Kamsoba 2.66
Cup SF CC Mariners L 0-1 33 Andrew Redmayne 3.21
7 Perth Glory L 1-2 33 Anthony Caceres & Elvis Kamsoba 1.27
8 Melbourne Victory D 2-2 40 Milos Ninkovic 1.33
12 CC Mariners W 3-2 42 Anthony Caceres 2.21
13 Adelaide Utd W 2-1 34 Tom Heward-Belle 3.06
14 Western Utd D 1-1 36 Max Burgess 1.75
15 Wellington Phoenix D 1-1 29 Bobo 1.55
9 Western Utd L 0-1 28 Anthony Caceres 1.61
16 Melbourne City L 1-2 27 Mustafa Amini 1.78
17 WS Wanderers L 0-2 34 Callum Talbot 1.71
ACL Pre Kaya FC W 5-0 29 Mustafa Amini 1.07
26 Perth Glory W 2-0 33 Patrick Yazbek 2.18
18 Western Utd W 3-0 30 Milos Ninkovic 2.30
20 Newcastle Jets L 0-2 21 Anthony Caceres 1.05
21 Macarthur FC D 2-2 34 Max Burgess 1.79
24 WS Wanderers W 3-2 37 Trent Buhagiar 2.22
11 Melbourne City L 0-4 23 Max Burgess 1.78
23 CC Mariners W 5-0 28 Adam Le Fondre 2.89
22 Adelaide Utd L 2-3 20 Anthony Caceres 1.25
ACL1 Jeonbuk Hyundai D 0-0 25 Max Burgess 1.40
ACL2 Hoang Anh Gia Lai D 1-1 24 Trent Buhagiar 1.17
ACL3 Yokohama F. Marinos L 0-1 23 Max Burgess 1.43
ACL4 Yokohama F. Marinos L 0-3 24 Patrick Yazbek 1.42
ACL5 Jeonbuk Hyundai L 2-3 22 Patrick Wood 1.32
ACL6 Hoang Anh Gia Lai L 0-1 20 Anthony Caceres 1.25
19 Melbourne Victory L 1-4 25 Adam Le Fondre 1.40
25 Brisbane Roar L 1-3 22 Anthony Caceres 2.18

Previous winners:


Oh it’s a non-Serb year. I guess Burgess has to win it this year? Elvis?

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I consider Ninko as an Aussie player now. He has my vote!

It’s a non-Milos year though isn’t it?

Basically confirmation that Degenek will return to us when Wilko retires.

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Miloš Delpjerović wasn’t half-bad!

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Nah, Alex Wilkinson deserves to win it this season. He’s been a terrific servant to the club, and the league as a whole. Given it may be his last season, I would be more than happy to award it to him now.


Round 1 vs WSW



Bump for last night’s game; thanks everyone who got their votes in already


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Always enjoy voting after a game while it’s fresh in the memory, it’s become a tradition for me. Thanks for running this again.

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Bit hard for the first game. The team itself was probably a little but underwhelming but no one was especially bad. Found myself splitting votes a fair bit.

Just a heads up, when you click on the MOTM link up the top on the home page, it links back to a previous match.

Thanks, fixed. (I think the one on the forum pages can’t be fixed until someone with more power than me finds out where the setting is)

I will look into this

Tough one to vote

Vs Olympic


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Macarthur open now (Olympic still open as well)


Apologies for the delay, result for the Round 1 derby is in:

Our first MOTM for the 2021-22 season is Anthony Caceres. It’s the 7th MOTM of his Sydney FC career, but it was close: only 3 votes separated him from second place.

There is still a little over an hour until voting for the FFA Cup vs Olympic closes, and the Round 2 loss vs Macarthur is still up too:


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Vs Newcastle

Think I voted. Not 100% sure it went through