2024 for Sydney FC

What will the new year bring for the club? Happiness? Despair? Trophies? Sizeable transfer fees for players?

What would you like to see the club do in 2024.

Cup Holders for all seats is an acceptable answer.


2024 is going to continue the over the pants handjob of the last 6 months. At times uncomfortable, glimpses of promise, but ultimately fails to quell any real urges and somehow makes you feel worse than beforehand.


And as park football pre-season starts, many of us reckon we can do it better ourselves…

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Not going to lie, I will take an over the pants handjob


Super pressing Sydney goes unbeaten for the season in ALM, and rises back to the top of ALW with Hawkesby back.

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Well i for one think the club should fold. We havent won a single game in 2024…


Stress…… Just stress……

Wasn’t sure where to put this, but you lads all made this month’s Subscribers edition of FourFourTwo. Looking excellent as always!!


Quick question, was the Johnny Warren Bay sign above Bay 23 in the old stadium there till we left?

Does Caceras have his own thread?

All of his assists this season.