2026 World Cup - North America

On SBS - woo!



But I don’t wanna watch an expanded World Cup.

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At least they’ve moved off the idiocy of 3 nation groups. Plus we get 1 more knockout round. I don’t mind it too much given that to be honest.

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It’ll probably be the next time that a game of football will be broadcast on SBS.

I’ll be eligible for LSL come july 2026…

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Planning to head over with some mates. I’ll have 8+years worth of LSL ready to go by then. Might be a lengthy stint off!

If I make my first million by the time I’m 35, maybe I can do 2026 WC.



I do have family in both the US and Canada, so woohoo, accommodation!

Also, I do need a Visa for the US because I’m also an Iranian citizen. BOO!

I fully intend to be there and can’t wait. SBS is a good result for those who can’t attend though.

Yeah I’ll be going… the kids will be the right age to actually enjoy the experience and a decade of travelling there every three months for work will finally pay off with friends dotted on both coasts that means we have, if not accomodation, then contacts in each host city for tickets etc

Disagree. 3 nation groups were the best part of the expansion. More teams get a taste, and get to fuck off quicker and enjoy the rest of the tournament instead of playing stupid dead rubbers when they’re not competitive (like Aus v Spain in 2014, Aus v Peru in 2018, which as someone attending both I could’ve really done without).

4 nation groups where sometimes-2-sometimes-3 qualify is way worse.

Well, given that we won’t host a men’s WC here at least until I’m 47 (2038), I think it might be a good plan for my mum and I to set up a family reunion in North America to plant ourselves in the area during the World Cup.

I’ll be going to this whether my job is okay with it or not, fuck em


I had been toying with tbe idea of moving home, but the world cup is a couple years away. Ill probably just stay here in New York.

Knowing my luck, Australia will be drawn to play in Mexico.

I’m in a similar boat, but not sure I can wait that long. Will come back for it if I’ve already moved home though.

I’d love to see Mexico.

Mexico is genuinely one of the best countries ive visited. But i dont want to go there again for a world cup when I live in NY. Hoping for games in the north east.

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Uruguay beat Argentina 2-0 in a qualifier yesterday, they’re the new Unofficial World Champions.

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As corny as it is, Cancun and the entire coast south was the nicest place I had ever been to.

Will be returning back regardless of the games not being played there if I end up going.

It won’t make any difference in the long run especially as almost every team in the confederation will now qualify for the World Cup, but how good it is to see Colombia beat Brazil.