23/24 Grand Final: Sea Bogans V Australia's Shame

Saturday 25/5/24. 19:45pm @ Central Coast Stadium.

May as well make a thread about it.

So whilst the Coasties are going to get their Grand Final, abd prices are going to be higher, the APL is basically just taking the event for a laugh.

Seems like twice the price. Pretty awful that kids tickets are also so high.


It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for Ticketeks stupid fees. I can understand thexprices being high. Cashing in on the FOMO.

Will the Mariners see any % of ticket rev go to them, or does the APL haul it all?

I don’t think the ticket prices aren’t too bad, it’s the almost complete classification of category A through the stadium which is a bit of a slap, and that there’s no family tickets available.

Do home season ticket holders get any discount or just ability to pre purchase?

A week is a long time to read this thread title.

Indifferent. Hopefully the stadium falls into a hole within everyone involved.



If they wanted the GF in Gosford, ticket prices were always going to be high. Can’t have it both ways. The GF is a huge source of revenue that we as a league need to take advantage of.


Those prices are also much cheaper than AFL/ NFL grand finals.


And unless there is some ticketek tomfoolery going on (possible) - the stadium is already down to single seats only available (except active away support bays). Will probably sell out before even going on public sale. So the locals definitely think the tickets are decent value.


Members could buy 1 + 10 per membership. TBF, I was trying to buy a block of 6 off 3 codes, but I got caught on a work call and suddenly couldn’t get the tickets I wanted. Now have only 4, and have to roll the dice in the public sale in the morning.

I reckon unless they are holding some back for public sale it’ll all be sold over the next few hours. Best of luck though. At least you got tickets for yourself!

There are some bays not yet offered up

So… last week Central Coast were feral bogans, too big for their boots, who needed to be put in their place but this week we all now believe that the Mariners are the little club that could win a historic treble and any other club that denies them this win is a cold and heartless monster… and we have achieved this new (one could almost say inverted) position without any cognitive dissonance, such is the strength of our collective hatred of Australia’s shame? Asking for a friend.




We are one, but we are many…

This. I said exactly this to my cousin who’s a Mariners supporter. Fewer seats means they need to increase the ticket price. Given the scarcity, I can’t imagine anyone balking at the price.

Alex King appointed. Surprised.

I’m not surprised that Faghani hasn’t been appointed.

At the very least, he lost control of the match on Saturday night.


At least if they win the treble it will make that star on the Wanderers kit just that little bit more embarrassing.