23/24 Grand Final: Sea Bogans V Australia's Shame

It pains me to say it and I know they arsed it but the Wanderers Asian trophy is way better than the one the Mariners won. Having said that, I’d take either


Townsville Cup >>> All other global sporting trophies and competitions.

Also, neither will win the OFC Champions League.


Didn’t they win the wish.com Asian champions league? Does it really count as a treble?

It’s all much of a muchness these days, in all honesty.

The Mariners’ luck and Poppa’s bad luck could run out simultaneously

Goes without saying though if we were to win it then OCL + ACL2 > ACL

Who else has ever won two different confederations titles

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That’s sacrilege

Doesn’t give any detail whatsoever, but I think it’s great. Because apparently the NRL currently has all the top crowds for that stadium because they somehow got 20,060 out of the attendance keeper instead of the 20,059 official capacity.

Didn’t see the pic, looks like some very small temp seating behind the goals. Looks like ample room for sauce bottles as well.

Looking forward to this. Hopefully the Mariners can destroy Melbourne like they did to their fellow bleaksville side last season

I’m upbeat, but christ if Victory win I will be extremely butthurt. Especially if it’s a repeat of that Jets GF.

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Hopefully the Mariners don’t score too many goals or they may be deaf from cannon fire by the end.

Considering all previous highest crowds at the stadium were absolute capacity, and they’re saying this’ll be a stadium record, have they added seating for this?

Ah, the Bears and their ill-fated move. There wouldn’t have been a stadium and presumably no Cenny Coast team at the start of the AL.

Yeah if you look at the picture in the article you can see a few rows of temp seats behind the goals, probably fit an extra few hundred in there.


I assume on the YA side and not near the cannon. It’s loud enough from the away bays.

Good deal. Nice it’s finally at Gosford and they didn’t get dicked out of it like the F3 GF.
I just wish last GF wasn’t marred by the advantage they got over the “hosts”, and yes, I know, similar deal for our women. Oh well…

Edit: Maybe only marred in my head. To be honest, probably the most sympathetic team to benefit and the least sympathetic to get dicked.

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I’d be more concerned about the stench from the shitters…

The arse out their pants APL must be pleased with the shitload of money they saved by holding it at a council owned ground instead of the SFS where you wouldn’t need to put temp seating next to sauce bottles & cannons.

The only good things about the CCM are the sauce bottles, the canons and Marvin. I’m still a bit petty from last weekend

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Those are pretty good things though