A-League Expansion


Southern Expansion and West Melbourne saying they wont bid again if they dont get it this time too.


Division within the game is going to kill club football much more effectively than the hostile media ever could. And the FFA is seemingly content to add to it by promoting insecurity and negativity into the expansion debate. Factors that are eventually going to drive investors off. Its bad business.


The whole process has been a joke and the whole fact that the league is still struggling to get past ten is a joke.

Simon Hill had an article about US doing so well with expansion and using targeted expansion rather than this scattergun approach


I think the clubs are booting themselves in the arse here with this push for delay to keep the closed shop for a year longer.
They’ll continue to bleed members, blow-ins and TV viewers because there is barely a fan out there who isn’t fed up to shit with the same bunch of cunts playing their team, often within 2 months of the last appearance, often at the same venue.


What if they went full Clive Palmer?
The other option is they sell all of their players in January and get spanked 10-0 in every game.
Having a club in the league knowing this early in the season that they’re not in it next year is asking for trouble.


Disgustingly, it looks like the clubs are getting their way:


If there’s a postponement, surely it will be because of governance issues, with half of the board conflicted - not because the clubs prosecuted a case on its merits?


There’s a reason the clubs wanted to oust the old board. There might have been many good reasons for it but don’t think for a minute the biggest motivator wasn’t self interest.


Being a football fan in this country is nothing short of masochism.


Doubly so if you are a Mariners fan.


So it looks like the most likely outcome is Southwest Sydney and Team 11 to be named as “preferred bidders,” with a formal selection delayed such that they enter the league not next season but the one after. Canberra may also be asked to hang around as a replacement for Wellington.

It’ll be great to finally know who the new clubs are, but waiting almost 2 years before they actually kick a ball is ridiculous. It will have been a decade with the league stuck with ten teams by that point…


Yeah an 18 month lead in time is ridiculous, though I believe it is longer than that in MLS. If it is one of the bids with no existing home ground then they will need some time to secure somewhere to play and get started on their construction I guess.


They also play in winter.

The fuck wants to go to a raiders game on a Saturday night there that isnt a diehard


A cynic would say that the clubs dont want anyone in for 18 months because when theyre trying to change the model a bit 1 in 10 is a bigger voice than 1 in 12/14.

The whole process though has been a mess and maybe 18 months to figure out how many games, if Nux are actually staying, what Fox will do probably is needed as much as expansion is really needed next season.


Pick the teams. Give them until season 2020/21 to get their shit together and join the comp. Teams should be announced 2 years in andvance, not a handful a months ffs.


Tell me again that my preferred option of a 25,000 seat SFS is wrong only this time, at the end, call me a dirty slut.


I thought the guy in the Herald this morning had the right idea.

Name 1 new team for next season, play 11 teams with a bye, and bring in 1 more team the following season then 2 more the next.


Gatt, who has been all over the expansion stuff says that he suspects the new teams will be informed tomorrow. I seem to remember that there is a press conference due tomorrow to discuss the outcome.


Hopefully it’s two new clubs [with no shit names like Fury, Roar] and the season after, the next best bid comes into to replace Wellington.


Nah mate keen for South West Sydney Superheroes, Canberra Crazzzy and Melbourne Magicians …

Would still be the second worst name for a Melbourne side