A-League Expansion


You know they will take terrible names and have soccer balls in their logo.


And it makes me irrationally sad. We should be better than this.


The Southern Sydney, St George, Sutherland & South Coast Soccerballs is a terrific name, which really rolls off the tongue.


SSSSSCS for short. Easy.


Davutovic is saying Western Melbourne is likely to join next season with a Sydney team, presumably SWS the season after:



Surely it will be the other way around? Western Melbourne don’t have an immediate stadium, SWS do. (Article is paywalled so cant read it)


Yeah I can’t read it either and would have thought the same. I wonder if they would play out of Geelong while they wait?


Yeah theyll be in Geelong for up to four seasons. I just dont trust the build the own stadium line and see them becoming Geelong.

Good that theres some form of expansion but hope it works out. Means a 30 game season (did Fox even want that) and a lot of byes. Wonder what happened when Sydney comes in and its 12 teams and the 33 game season fox didnt want.

Would really hope they didnt just stop there though. They said Canberra just mixed out so Id love for them to have a proper vision for getting to 16 and how to still engage the Canberra entity rather than going back to square one (but i guess the whole independent a-league would need that which is just going to be clubs looking out for themselvrs)


Bossi reporting the same thing. No pay wall


Yeah I can see the same. I’d love to see them build their own boutique venue because it would probably make for an amazing away game, but I just don’t see it happening.


Wellington won’t be in the comp next season.


Canberra isn’t really a Leaguie town though even if it is surrounded by NSW.


That makes total sense w.r.t. only one team for next season. Gives them more time to work out how to proceed with more than 10 teams the season after


So still 10 teams next season, 12 the season after? That would be good.


10 teams is understandable but utterly depressing.


Are you sure? I thought next season was their last.

Edit: yeah see here:


The selections make sense I guess. Would like to see South Melbourne in the HAL, hopefully that is in the next batch.


It’s not really a football town either.


Davutovic is reporting that Western Melbourne will enter the comp next season and SWS the year after - to be announced at lunch today.



How soon before Canberra buys Mariners Licence from Charlesworth?