A-League Men - April 22-25

Just a few games this weekend.

Friday 7:45pm - Macarthur vs Melbourne
Saturday 7:45pm - Jets vs Mariners
Sunday 1:05pm - Nux vs WSW
Sunday 5:05pm - Adelaide vs Perth
Monday 2:05pm - Roar vs Melbourne (That does seem early but with an public holiday it might actually be a solid crowd)

We were originally scheduled to play Brisbane at that time on ANZAC Day so I assume it is correct.

Even though a Victory win here would be excellent for us, I just can’t bring myself to want it. There is a small risk they could win the Premiership if they win here which would be a disaster.

That has been coming all game.

Macarthur look just about as bad as us.

Steady on… I know they are rivals but that is a step too far.

Thats a shit penalty.

Nice turnaround from Macarthur.

EDIT: maybe not. Gotta love VAR.

I…have no words.


It’s the equivalent of red or yellow markings on animals and insects, it says ‘Stay away’.

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Hes clearly English.

“Red next to black, jump the fuck back”

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There is just too much going on in this picture. I can’t even… :astonished:

The teeth never lie.


Good to hear bugle at Newcastle rather than a trumpet last night.
Shame they could not play the anthems in a key that the girls could sing.

Channeled my inner Roy and HG and played “I Thank You” from Lionel Rose over the national anthem. Always so much better!

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Taylor Regan once again responsible for shipping a goal. I, for one, am absolutely shocked.

That specimen was a westy until this year, thus the colours on his extremely sus puppet

Our chances of top 6 hanging by a thread.

For the second time in less than 24hrs….

That’s our campaign done.