A-League Men - Final Rounds

Sorry for being so slack getting these up the last month or so. With the ACL it’s been hard to keep on top of the weekly routines.

Mariners are offering tons of free tickets to the F3 Derby so that’s going to be a great crowd:

Sort your shit out mate.

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/s just in case!

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I got tickets for 126 people with this promotion

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One job!

With Adelaide beating Western 2-1, it means that City have to beat Brisbane or Victory win the plate

City are going to find beating Brisbane to be an impossible task.


So we can still make this yeah?

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In a top seven scenario you would have been a chance.

Unfortunately not.
CCM defeating Newcastle meant that our last remaining hope of a post-season knockout competition, qualifying for the Australia Cup playoffs, is no longer possible.
The club will benefit in the long run though. Paulo Retre is now free to play in the All Stars vs Barcelona game, an appearance that will no doubt see the club receive a substantial offer from Barcelona for his services.


Do you really want to put yourself through that?

As much as I hate them, I love that Victory are outsinging City when they aren’t even playing.

I also love that they had to watch City score after 2 mins lol

It’s quite a funny situation. The fact the crowd looks to be 4,000 is just embarrassing, they had codes given out where members could bring as many as they wanted for free (Victory fans got a hold of it obviously). I know it’s a Monday night but Christ…

This might be a City win.

That’s the plate wrapped up already…

Seems like the season is already over

Nux and Talay need heaps of praise though. Lost their four best players last season in Davilla Hemed Taylor and Devlin yet ended up in the finals


It feels dirty to say this but damn I hope Wellington don’t pull even here

City could definitely choke here.

Bit of red mist around