A-League Men Finals Thread

Might as well just have one thread for the finals not involving Sydney.

Adelaide vs Wellington tomorrow night, 7:45pm.

Adelaide surely go in huge favourites but neither club is in great form. There’s a real chance for an upset here.

Adelaide 3-0.

Welly to be two goals up with 5 minutes to go. Nek minnut, a couple of Irakunda screamers that will cause Harper to spray the box with seminal fluid and a Goodwin penalty will leave the Welly players looking more deflated than a Mark Bridge post-derby contemplation squat.

Didn’t know we’d signed Goodwin. Much more confident about Saturday now.

I’m not sure that Wellington have it in them to play with this intensity the whole game, but it’s great to see them really going for it.

God that’s unbelievably close.

How’s the ironing of the Spaniards standing over Zawada and telling him to get up?

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How have people seen Warland’s season? Clearly Adelaide have been pretty good but they’ve shipped 46 goals - second worst in the comp.

I haven’t seen enough of them to really get a sense of how he’s performed but he’s started 16 times. I thought he was a bit slow in recovery and on the turn to be a regular starter in the A-League but hope it continues to go well for him there.

He’s been just as bog average for them as he was for us, but a few headers from corners has seen some hilarious revisionism.


Yep, he’s on par with Donachie and you’d hope Gurd becomes a solid A-League-level CB next season. Warland is nothing special at all.

Adelaide vs Central Coast starts in about an hour. Really looking forward to this one. Should be a cracker.


Pitch in Adelaide looks fantastic, as always.

A far cry from the cow paddock that was presented in the newest stadium in the country…

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They really need to split handball into two categories. One is unintentional and penalised with an indirect free kick, the other being deliberate or DOGSO which is a direct free kick/red card.


And the new handball interpretation once gain appears, making football hateable to its fans


The crowd seems up for it. More vocal than I think I’ve heard Hindmarsh before.

I like og interpretation of handball we got taught in u7s.

Ball touches hand, handball.

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Jesus. Pick that one out.

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Great start to this one. Hope the mariners stay in touch, looks like they will pretty much sellout the return leg.


Should the goalie have done better? He wasn’t that far away from it

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