A-League Men - Round 23 Discussion - 2022-23

Some unusual times given the public holidays:

Western vs CCM - Friday 3pm
Roar vs Jets - Saturday 5pm
Macarthur vs WSW - Saturday 7:45pm
Australia’s Shame vs Perth - Sunday 3pm
City vs Nux - Monday 4pm


Reminder to all tipsters that the Mariners have not won in Victoria for eight years.

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You will, no worries.
Not meaning to jinx you, I think you will beat WUN.

I’m going to be stupid and tip a draw for the “Battle of the West” or what TF it’s called.

Western Suburbs

So, basically everybody is tipping the top 4 to all win.

Central Coast are a real Jekyll and Hyde team, so that game is a bit of a shot in the dark as to how that’s going to turn out. I don’t see Western Suburbs or City being seriously challenged in their games. Macarthur have been a rabble under Sterjovski, and Welly have won three times in 33 games at AAMI Park. 3 in 43 if you include other stadiums in that cesspit of a state.

Nice pass from Tulio to set that up. Cummings isn’t going to get an easier goal than that.

Fucking WUN.
And we could barely draw with them at home.

I like how Jamie Young has suddenly turned into a busted arse again now he’s finished playing against us.


Well, he is older than Methuselah.

(Yes, I realise our lad Vuka is a few months older.)

Looks like there’s been some shenanigans on the sidelines at half-time. WU’s pizza delivery man is not too happy with the Mariners bench for some reason.

50/50 tackle, probably given as a foul most of the time these days regardless of whether the ball is won or not, but FMD Risdon still needs a slap in the face. Imagine not playing the whistle and being pre-occupied with starting handbags with Silvera (Doumbia had clocked off too) while Beni is about to pull the trigger on the edge of your box.

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Comical sequence, with Nkololo slipping and Young still failing to keep it out.

Apart from a nice kit, western offer nothing to the league.

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People always like the Kappa kits.

WUN and Bulls are in the ACL, are they not?
Play-off, at least.

Wait, “combined points tally”?
Do the GF winners still get a play-off spot?
What about the cup winners?

What a stupid time, I’ve been sitting at home watching random crap on YouTube, I could have been watching the footer. My fault for not checking but still

I assume the early Friday games are because it’s a public holiday.