A-League Men - Round 23 Discussion - 2022-23

There’s barely 100 people at this game in Ballarat.

There’s more gold under the ground than people *above the ground

If the GF ends up being Mariners-Wanderers, the APL will be well thrilled.

Edit: Not to suggest an APL preference for the Mariners, but come on, they’re a train ride away, which means numbers.

Lovely goal that

The only scenario (apart from the most miraculous of runs from us) that will result in a crowd higher than 10k.

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Almost 4 months on from that decision, and it’s just amazing how badly Danny Townsend and the APL read the room.

There’s just so little interest in the league these days.

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Yes. I think the fact that anyone is wanting 1-2 NSW teams in the GF to bring a crowd and try and justify the set venue, it’s not a good move. The cup finals in London get crowds regardless of whether in English (+ parts of Wales) teams may be based in.

Danny who?

Nobody has heard a peep from that cunt in ages.


Newcastle busting out Miron’s sword formation!

Genuine surprised they aren’t wearing their home shirts here. First time I can remember away shirts being utilised when actually required.

Supposedly the primary school swimming carnival behind the goals just got kicked out by security?

I feel like the Bulls’ Twitter feed will be equally bleak

The shame back where they belong. Perfectly happy for Perth to win and keep them there tomorrow, if we can’t beat Perth at home and jump back over them next week then whatevs, we don’t deserve finals anyways.

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The scum wearing their “Pond Scum” strip

One of those games where I’m happy with any result, Wests win and it’s a great result for us, Wests lose and of course I’m happy too. As said above if we can’t make the top 6 with our last 3 fixtures, we really don’t deserve to finish in the 6 anyway.

Can’t work out which is the saddest armband here, Ninkovic or Lachie Rose.

Good game tonight

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…and we only scored 1 against them in THREE GAMES!

You love to see it.


It’s fine.
A draw is fine.