A-League Men - Round 25 - 2022-23 Discussion

Friday 7:45pm - WSW vs Nux
Saturday 5:00pm - Jets vs CCM
Saturday 7:45pm - Western vs City
Sunday 3:00pm - Australia’s Shame vs Macarthur
Sunday 6:00pm - Perth vs Adelaide


I would Louvre it like Kevin Keegan if Macarthur could get a win and virtually condemn the shame to the spoon they so thoroughly deserve this year.

I just can’t believe how utterly shit Australia’s Shame have been this season. Aside from the first 2-3 rounds of the season, they’ve been fucking terrible.

Remember how they signed Nani, and it was meant to be one of the biggest A-League signings? Nope, neither do I. 10 games, without really setting the league on fire, and then Connor Chapman destroyed him.

He’s on a 2-year contract but I don’t really see him coming back from it at 36.

If memory serves I had Nani down in our beginning of season predictions as being an epic flop.

I bet I was completely wrong on every other prediction though.

I’d forgotten it was Connor Chapman (even if a shit late challenge by Nani himself) who then got rewarded by being signed from Brisbane.

Any result to stop us playing the Wanderers in the finals…assuming we even make finals.

Well at least we don’t have to go , given the Cove statement

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Yes, but will their not similarly boycott, or does that only happen when somebody gets yelled at for charging the family section in Gosford?

F**king Borrello

At least this puts us 5th and makes a derby final less likely

I mean, if Adelaide and CCM both win their games, aren’t Wanderers right back to 4th?

Sure but that involves an ‘if’

Technically, them winning this game is still an if. :wink:

Okay, not so much now.
The Hoff. :sob:
He should have got an All Access episode, not Ninkovic.

I say Wanderers will finish 3rd and us 5th. I don’t think Adelaide Utd and Mariners both will both finish below them but one probably will. Then again, I’m not an octopus. Am I being optimistic or pessimistic?

That would be ideal. Only way we could meet them in that case is in the GF. If they come 2nd there is a chance of a 2-legged semi against them which is a terrible thought now they’re good and we’re not

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You’re being optimistic assuming we’d go as far as semis. Relax, we won’t. :roll_eyes:

APL would absolute love the idea of an all-Sydney GF. However, a two leg semi with potentially two-way boycotts? Something else.

We are completely capable of losing our next 2 games and missing out on finals all together :cowboy_hat_face:

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