A-League Men - Round 26 - 2022/2023 Discussion

Friday 7.45pm Adelaide vs Mariners
Friday 7.45pm Heart City vs Westies

Saturday 5pm Macarthur vs Phoenix
Saturday 7.45pm Victory vs Roar
Saturday 10pm Perth vs Western United

The popcorn round, especially the battle for 2nd place, in the form of two simultaneous games that kick the round off.

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Jeez those games tomorrow night should be amazing. Might be worth having two screens up.

Paramount will fuck it up, somehow.

I remember when Paramount first started they were going to do that live thing where they cover 1 match but cross to the other live match when something happened. That would be good tonight

you’ll find that some people won’t be happy with that, especially those that want to watch the second game

I’m sure they could do individual stand alone streams for people who don’t want to know he score…well it’s Paramout so maybe not

On one screen is the beautiful lush green turf in Adelaide. In Melbourne we have the nrl line markings clearly visible and a completely torn up field. It must be nice to live somewhere without another rectangular stadium sport.

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Sounds like that’s what they’re doing for the Adelaide and CCM game.

Warland giving me big 2021-22 vibes with his dodgy play out from the back.

I’m watching the Adelaide match and they just showed the score in the Wanderers match.

That is one hell of a counter attack, lovely calm finish.

It’d be perfect if it stayed like this (it won’t). Wests will finish 3rd, we’ll avoid them and they don’t get the benefit of a top 2 finish.

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Great goal by the CCM

Adelaide v CCM is living up to its billing. What a great game so far!

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Hindmarsh is really the perfect ground for A League football

Wow that’s a great finish from Nkololo, that’s a really tough shot to drag that.

There’s only one way to erase the last derby. Honestly, bring ‘em, we’ve got nothing to lose.


Another wonderful goal from CCM. Hoping they finish 2nd with a decent chance of making the GF.

And WSW go up as well.

Mariners looking like the real deal this season

Jeez CCM are second on GD now.