A-League Round 12 Discussion - Bite sized edition

Round 12 has basically been split up and moved around everywhere. There was a game on the 2nd and there will be one on the 16th, but there’s a game tonight and tomorrow so I guess it is worth having a separate discussion thread.

Wests vs Nux - Tuesday 8th - 7:50pm
Adelaide vs Victory - Wednesday 9th - 7:50pm

I’m looking forward to tonight’s game. The Nux have been playing well, and looked great last game until the red card. Wests have improved, looked better against Victory but still have a lot of work to do. They’ll be desperate for a win in front of the 5k crowd that they’ll get.

I think Rudes will out-smart Babbel. I hope so anyway.

Nux 3-0. RBB to blockade the car park so no one can leave until they read a pre prepared statement about beings fans with heart.

Unfort i think WSW will get up. They’ll miss MANDI a bit.

Nux look 15% better every week - watched most of their games out of respect for our future manager - so I reckon they will get the win. Mandi is a good player but they’ll cope. WSW are not looking good at all. Would love another derby this week, we would get 5.

I’ll be curious to see how Yeboah goes if he gets off the bench.

Edit: interesting to see the RBB set up higher up. Trying to use the roof I imagine.

Surprised they don’t just go to the away end where the 7 Fox microphones always are. :wink:


Oh man Baumjohann is the only quality player Wests have.

Went to their last two games where they’ve been set up under the roof. And they were loud when they got going considering their numbers

Makes a lot more sense in such a cavernous stadium.

Yeah it does sound decent actually. When you’ve got fifty blokes I guess you’ve got to make the most of things.

Looked to me like he did that all himself taking a dive too. Twisted his leg in to imitate contact which I didn’t think was actually there.

Now Kamau takes a dive…

Hahaha overturned

Overturned thankfully

Was never a penalty

Good use of VAR. Kamau was already almost fully fallen over before there was any contact at all.

How doesn’t he get booked though? Clear simulation.

No yellow for the dive?

Wtf is Slater on about? Never a pen.

Yeah, I agree. He played for the pen, never would have got to the ball and was going down before there was any contact.