A-League Round 13 Discussion


Friday 11th - City vs Roar
Saturday 12th 5:35pm - Nux vs CCM
Saturday 12th 7:50pm - Victory vs Jets
Sunday 13th 8:00pm - Perth vs Wests


City vs Roar. What an absolutely horseshit start to the round. Usually I don’t mind watching all of the A-League games, or even having it on in the background, but there’s a serious dose of CBF for the game tonight, and will just watch the Socceroos game later.

Having said that, now watch that game be a nine-goal thriller or something stupid.


Does anyone else think Stephen Lucas looks like Mr Bean?


Imagine being the commentator who complains that the linesmen are making (correct) tight offside decisions rather than leaving it to VAR.


No, I do NOT want to imagine being Nick Meredith, thank you.


I’ve been trying to figure out who that was. It explains so much.


Imagine being a commentator who is also Nick Meredith and then making pigeon noises on television.


Fornaroli would have scored atleast 2 goals by now. City are stupid to get rid of him


That was a great save from Young.


Anyone else rate Teo as a commentator?
It seems he’s calling a lot more games at the moment. I like that he just calls the game and doesn’t bang on with too much opinionated bullshit that Harper/Slater seem to do.


Yeah Teo has been a breath of fresh air.


Atkinson could do Gay Porn


D’Agostino looks like the serial rapist in an American teen drama


Mariners go ahead through Matt Simon from the penalty spot. Really good start for them.




And 2-0 now. Hoole finishes off a counter. Mariners are absolutely on it at the moment.


Hopefully this convinces Mulvey to actually play his best side each week rather than continuing his weird vendetta against Hiariej.


Hiariej& O’Neill together could be great. Although Nichols and the other bloke have been awful so far


The Nix are missing a few DMs due to suspension (Mandi red card, and presumably Rufer for 5 yellows). Nichols is not a DM and Kopczynski seems to have played a fair bit at CB. Even so, I don’t think any of their players have got out of bed yet. Mariners are absolutely bossing the midfield. Even Singh is miles off the pace.


What a stupid foul