A-League Round 14 Discussion


Back to a more normal schedule.

Friday 18th - Wests vs Adelaide
Saturday 19th 7:50 - City vs Perth
Sunday 20th 5pm - MV vs Nux
Sunday 20th 7pm - CCM vs Roar

It’s bloody hot out west today so that could be an absolute grind.


Wanderers starting Suman, Mourdoukoutas, Cordier, Russell but still playing Sotirio


Every day Vedran is benched is a great day.


Babbel rocking the just-got-here-from-the-beach look.


Lia has walloped that.



i threw a shitload on Adelaide when Westies 11 came in


Amusing attempts at “defending” here from the westies


What are the defenders doing there? Love it.


Holy fuck I cannot wait to read the goo re. that pen call


Honestly, that’s a pen all day.


The lizard people at FFA headquarters are popping the champagne


No idea what the VAR was doing on the Goodwin goal.


I don’t know how that wasn’t a clear and obvious error. Was a clear cut penalty.


That’s his Catalina Wine Mixer outfit


It’s not even a matter of “well from this angle it looks like a dive”. Every single angle showed a shove.


Surely it’s all a bit “fan base who cried wolf” by now. The one time they actually have legitimate complaints… :rofl:


That loss is fair and square on Bozza imo. He went off deluxe about VAR earlier in the season, when the decisions were all correct even if the games were more disjointed due to time taken, as a direct result of media heat / his hot air the FFA directive has been to ease back on it’s use.

Tonight looked like the VAR just had the night off. Offside goal not reviewed, clear pen not referred to the ref for replay check, and Bonevacia probably should have been off for lashing out at Marrone’s nutsack. VAR did nada. Well done Boz. :+1:


Only caught the final 10 minutes, so can’t say much except I did notice the referee and assistants in a very fetching shade of blue. Surely an internet meltdown in the offing from the WSW ‘faithful ‘ over this latest insult by the FFA lizard men


The replays on the pen weren’t as conclusive as I first thought - doesn’t look like their legs tangled.

Also, the offside line they kept showing wasn’t the correct depth - needs to be from the defenders shoulder rather than his foot (would have still been offside).


Who cares. It’s the scum and I won a lot of money