A-League Round 19 Discussion

A bit of a weird one this week with a Friday double header. Note the very early start for the Nux game…

Friday 5:35 - Nux vs MV
Friday 7:50 - Jets vs City
Saturday 7:50 - Adelaide vs NWSW
Saturday 10:00 - Perth vs Brisbane

football at 230 in the afternoon is a bit of fun

Jets appear to have thrown in the towel RE: making the 6. Pretty much putting out a reserve team tonight and resting players for Kashima.

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Can’t blame them for that decision. They aren’t likely to make the ACL again for a while so they might as well seize their chance.

Yeah way better for Australian football to have an extra team in the ACL. Good on them for taking it seriously.

big crowd expected at Eden park

Looks like it too. Great turn out.

Can see the fringe/young guys absolutely stifling City tonight.

Sadly, the Kiwi commentators were not amongst those who stayed home.


Well Fox just shat itself.

feed is back

This Nux backline looks like they’ve never played together before.

A) how big is that crowd?!?!?
B) ads were cos of stream dying?

Ever since they fixed the break in transmission I have been thinking there was something wrong with the quality of the feed… then I realised I took my glasses off when the screen went to black.


They said earlier that 20k were expected and yes.

Kamsoba is the new Hoole. Discuss.

Get in.




I fucking celebrated like it was one of our goals.