A-League Round 19 Discussion




KRISHNAAAAAAAAAAA! What an assist by Roux!


Atrocious from Roux


That should of been 2


God damn could have killed it.


That was a great counter except for the finish. We have to play them next weekend, don’t we?


Yep but in Campbelltown.


Jeepers 23k




Bring back the NZ Knights!


Not the cleverest bits of defending there. Come on Kurto!


Oh man Taylor almost gave up another goal with a slip there.


LOL Athiu. If he actually concentrated on trying to shoot instead of trying to pretend he was shot, he may have just scored.


They definitely miss Toivonen more than Honda.


Its a short discussion. Kamsoba is getting quite a bit of game time at one of the clearly top three teams in the league this season despite this being his first year playing as a professional and his first year playing in a professional league. He has way more scope for improvement than Hoole.

That said, if he stays at the Victory I’d much prefer you to be right than me.


Newcastle up 1-0 thanks to Jair, despite playing a second-string side. City have absolutely gone to hell since the goal. Newcastle should be further in front.


3-1 Jets. Fuck me.


Didn’t watch the game but that’s a superb result for the squad they put out.


Massive for Newcastle, good on them. But geez City were turgid, even by their standards.


City are a rubbish club.