A-League Round 19 Discussion


City are so inconsistent


They’re an accounting exercise, not a football club.


faark i’m not looking forward to the long ass trip to from Ingleburn (Cambelltown ish) to Leichhardt oval… really hope they don’t shove more then 1 or 2 games there next season max


Happy to see JOWIC back in action last night. Brilliant watch City fuck things up with spectacular regularity.


Solid diving header but someone should have got in the way of that.


Rubbish penalty by Goodwin, it even looked like Vedran had dived before he struck the ball, but I could be wrong


they haven’t shown a reply yet, but it looked weak


One of those ones where he just didn’t look confident


He genuinely looks like a real quality young kid. It seems like everything Merrick asks of him, he steps up to the mark. Great to see him back


Vedran fucks up a punched clearance. Some things in life are guaranteed.


1-1 Adelaide Wanderers. After saying a pen Vedran makes another error


You can always be assured of a vedran stuff up.

Blackwood turning up the jogo bonito


I’m sure Mack is on the #EncroachmentWatch with the penalty save.

Lol at Snake after that though. He is the gift that just keeps on giving. :rofl:


I was super excited to see Kitto score, then realised I’d put Ryan Strain in my (daily) fantasy team by mistake :disappointed_relieved:


Ha they truly are 2 blokes you could even miss in a police line up


Blackwood is looking real good this season. Unfortunate that he was trying to break into our first team when we had one of the best squads of all time.


And he was mostly shite


He looked good with little end product, just like all of Adelaide’s forwards with the exception of Bill’s cousin.


I enjoyed vedran holding his head trying to claim blackwood elbowed him in the head for the goal too.


Also apparently some NWSW fans ripped a flare and were kicked out early in the first half. Imagine paying for flights and accommodation only to end up kicked out and barely watching any football. Morons.