A-League Round 19 Discussion


I don’t have a lot confidence in Harper’s maths.


It’s February. Their 2 year suspended points deductions always seem to finish in February.


They’re used to turning up and not seeing football :slight_smile:


While it’s always a shame to see the Wanderers win, it does keep Adelaide at bay I suppose.


Superb finish from Davidson.


Dodgy near post keeping… naturally from the bloke that had a blinder last week. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Just give the premiers plate to perth


Yeah they genuinely are the only club that looks consistent.


Now that was a beautiful goal.


Most under rated signing of the season. Hes still up to a very good level and looks it every week. Castro loves having a fullback with half a brain bombing on constantly.


The really intelligent was Poppa going to a back 3 and letting Franjic/Neville and Davidson get so far forward. He gets two extra wingers for the price of having to play a 36yo Djulbic.