A-League Round 20 Discussion

Friday 7:50 - CCM vs Brisbane
Saturday 7:50 - East Melbourne vs City
Sunday 5:00 - Jets vs Adelaide
Sunday 7:00 - WSW vs Perth

Bomb it into the ground

First reference I’ve seen to East Melbourne. I like it.

Draw (but 3-3 or something stupid, with 2 red cards)
East Melbourne

I enjoy CCM matches now because of a mate who is a fan of theirs and his suffering after their matches.
I’m pretty sure charlesworth and the clubwould have blocked him on all social media by now

East Melbourne Ununited
Perth (and all of us after Mack subsequently goes on another unhinged conspiracy theorist rant)

Tards play and train within 5min walk of the CBD. Citeh would be North Melbourne i guess. #pedantlyf

And in which general direction would one walk for this 5 minutes?

If Northern Heart don’t win this I think Warren Joyce will be the recipient of a mutual agreement come Monday.

It is East isn’t it?

And south for Etihad. I’m such a fun guy.



So leagues with Promotion and Relegation tend to have contracts with relegation release clauses right?

Well, if the PFA would accept them, they would accept Wooden Spoon Release clauses right?

That could make tonights game interesting!

I don’t think it would make much difference. Most of the Mariners squad are off contract this year, and most that are on contract for next year are not worth keeping, including the manager.

So P&R wouldn’t make any difference either?

Doubt it.

Extremely difficult to work out where the owner is coming from or even why he owns CCM.

Suspect it is just an ego trip so he can talk to the bigwigs as a fellow owner back in the UK.

This is not a good game…

oooo aaaah

Okay that was quality.

Hill should get Slater to play the silent game.


Football is much better when people don’t defend.


What the fuck Kennedy?