A-league Round 21 Discussion


I’ve never been so happy to be instantly made to look a fool.


Playing a hospital ball to Djubic on the edge of the box…yikes. Spiranovic shouldnt be in their back 3 when Grant and Mrcella are fit


We’re gonna win the league


Perth can’t stay this bad for all of the second half, surely?


Popa sides have a habit of choking under pressure.


Not really a great advertisement for the competition, is it?


I’ll take the credit for this one. Tipped Perth in the knockout game and then stacked my fantasy team with them just to be sure.


Here we go


That’s a reasonable contingent of Perth fans, in fairness


7 or 8 minutes added on, I’m guessing


I’m fairly sure they have a decent size Victorian fan group called VAG or something like that.

Throwing yourself in front of Castro like that shows some real commitment.


Fuck Melbourne City. Fuck them in the arse.


Ah fuck.


Eugene has a bet on the draw


Knew City were bottling that. Six points and a far superior goal difference means a huge difference to five points


Perfectly countered by the rest of them rolling out the welcome mat for Castro to score the equaliser, including the goalkeeper.


CLose enough, fuck them off I say.


Eugene should have stopped that second goal. Sure it was hit hard but straight at him from that distance


Eugene is the most inconsistent keeper on the planet, disgraceful decision for that goal


Considering how average we have been this season, crazy to think we are only 6 points behind Perth after that game.