A-league Round 21 Discussion


Because we’re vaguely beginning to dream we’re bang on to have a shocker soon and lose an unlosable game


After the points we dropped against CCM and BR it would be criminal for us to win the league. Football gods do owe us a jammy GF run and win tho. We only ever do it the proper way (dominating the league).


Perth now need to win every remaining game to match the record breakers of 2016-17.


Ridiculous to think that we’d be one point off top if we didn’t drop 5 points in 8 days against two of the worst teams in A-League history.


And they have a still quite young guy who would walk into at least 5 teams starting 11 sitting on bench

(Actually rethinking i dont know about that. At least 2.)


Confident that won’t happen. Seriously, they haven’t won a Title in Perth for so long, the pressure to do so really will be their undoing.


It was their tour of duty or whatever


The “Liverpool Effect”?


I completely forgot there was a game tonight.

Friday 7:50 - Roar vs NWSW
Saturday 7:50 - CCM vs Nux


Forgive me for not exactly climaxing at the thought of these two games this weekend. For what its worth, Wanderers and the Nix look like pretty safe bets, despite the Nix’s form not being the best.


Two not so great games…

Brisbane,so NorWest goes to 9th…a lovely spot for them.

AND, is the WiZZZard suspended?..they will lose if he is,was sure to get a Hat TRICK!


Yep. Still serving his “fucking dog” ban.


So I’ll supplement the 2 Fox games with a 3rd round FFA cup tie,actually have to go to a ground.


This game should suck, but knowing the aleague it will be an all time classic


5-4 incoming.


Kamau at RB and Elrich at LB is very weak flanks.


Babel omits baumjohan due to poor training


Hanging out with Hoole?


Cracking strike!


Wenzel-Halls is a very decent player. The A-League needs to give more quality NPL players a chance.