A-league Round 21 Discussion


Still training. Reportedly has a calf injury now.


YES,when i saw the team sheet for CC, it was a better bet than WINX.I hope everybody else got on!


Kennedy should never keep again after that performance. It wasn’t all on him, obviously, but he could have done better on at least 6 of the goals. Surely the NYL keeper couldn’t be worse?


Mulvey was sacked overnight, which is not very surprising really


The hierachy of Mariners should sack themselves.


A big problem in the hierarchy is that the director of football has been busy being assistant coach with Man. U. to probably be even aware what was happening here.

I imagine the office boy who has been filling in for him finally got him on the phone last night and got permission to boot Mulvey.


Fox is showing the westys game with the refs communications in the a league hour tonight if anyone is interested