A-league Round 21 Discussion


I pity the guy who has to setup the cannon. A complete waste of someone’s Saturday afternoon.


Any recollection of the worst flogging in a-league history? My first thought 5-0 victory v Adelaide where Cissie was banned.


Last season’s last round F3 derby where Newcastle flogged the Mariners 8-2. Maybe the 8-1 Adelaide vs North Queensland is another. We dished out our fair share of floggings over the last couple of years as well, where we could have hit double figures if not for goalkeeping heroics. At least one flogging of Perth at home comes to mind.


A quick scan of Ultimate A-League and…

Round 15 - 2014/15 - Adelaide v Newcastle Jets - Copper Stadium - 7-0


I know its mariners tonight, but Krishna was absolutely bred for the MLS. He could thrive for a decent team there. If he makes a move it should be there.


Brisbane did Adelaide 7-1 earlier this decade


The loan kids would be on Montgomery but yes silly stuff. You mean these kids who’ve barely played in league 2 are terribly inconsistent ? Gasp.


Welly leapfrog Adelaide into 4th on goal difference. They’ll be extending that irretrievably by the time tonight is done.


Really need the people of the central coast and mariners fans, they are out there if not at this game, to stand up and out some pressure on Charlesworth. His inactions are going completely unchecked, which I’m sure is how he likes it. The fans, the local media and the local community - public and businesses- need to put that pressure on him.

Won’t happen though and he’ll take the licence elsewhere with no fuss being made.


Oh dear. I have no more words for this.


Mariners playing like they folded as a club


If I was Rudan I would be absolutely furious with that goal. Nobody even tried to close Clisby down and he managed to somehow score with this right foot.


There’s that old joke about Koalas and the play on words eats, shoots and leaves.

For this match it’s a case of runs, shoots and scores.


Lovely stuff. Reminiscent of Timmy Atouba at St James’s Park.


comeback is on


Most goals in a game is 10.

Round 27 - 2017/18 - CCM v Jets - 2-8


Is Corey Gameiro still at the mariners, long term injury? I’ve lost touch with this info


Any Mariners fans still in that stadium deserve medals.


Holy shit. I said a few months ago that Brisbane were going to give CCM a run for the spoon, but every time Brisbane suck hard the Mariners just manage to outdo them. And how.

Sad, sad days in Gosford. I’ve got a lot of respect for how much they punched above their weight in the early years of the HAL, and imo they were the benchmark for a smaller market club with community engagement etc. It’s pathetic what’s become of them.


Youve gotta love how Rudan only gave this Sheridan bloke 10 mins. Played it like a trial for a finals game rather than pull Roy off at half time.