A-League Round 23 Discussion

Saturday 5:35 - Nux vs Jets
Saturday 7:50 - NWSW vs City
Saturday 10:00 - Perth vs East Melbourne
Sunday 5:00 - CCM vs Adelaide


I’m tipping all of the home teams will win, except for the last one. Adelaide to win narrowly.

Nux up 1-0 in 33 seconds

FMD Williams!
What a way to bring up your hat trick!

Rudan really is proving himself. Krishna, Williams and several others in the Nux team have shown glimpses of talent in the past but never shown enough consistency. They’re all firing on a consistent basis. Even Alex Rufer looks like a footballer now. Nobody will want to play them in the finals.

On the other hand, the Jets need to invest in a proper CB that actually has some speed. A turtle could probably out-pace Boogaard and Hyphen.

Are the RBB protesting again, or have they just given up completely?

This is such typical City. Played quite well by their standards to beat us, spend the subsequent 2 weeks over the break smelling their own farts and thinking they’re going to string something together, then turn out one of their more turgid displays.

I think the biggest issue is they’re both declining rapidly at the same pace. While both have never been quick they’ve been good enough to cover for that with positioning and reading the game for each other.
Both have gone over the cliff at the same time so instead of one having a good game and cover for the other they both don’t play well. Maybe this was the case with Wilko & Jop?

Biggest crowd I can ever remember seeing in Perth. Kudos


Bloody hell.

Nice strike but could Reddy have done better?

I guess the issue is that Honda posed a real problem with the left foot too and Reddy would have seen that late coming over the wall.

“Fuck off Melbourne” rings around the stadium.


As it should whenever three or more right-minded people congregate


Good stat from Andrew Howe that Reddy has conceded A-League milestone goals #1, 1000, 4000 and 5000 now. He also narrowly missed 2000 (conceded #2001), and #3000 was conceded by his replacement when Reddy was injured.


Amazing stats

Chianase might be having a decent season but he is still pretty rubbish


Think hes leading the league in assists. Sure hes not the most technically gifted player but hes doing well and thats a bit harsh.

If Victory hold out though and seeing our upcoming fixtures, Id be saying Victory are favourites for second. Knowing them though we’ll lose to them and wanderers but beat Perth and hand the plate to Victory.

Stay classy Kilkenny

Always hate seeing them win, but at least our points record is safe. :beers:

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