A-league Round 26 Discussion

Friday - Adelaide vs Melbourne - 7:50
Saturday - Roar vs Jets - 5:35
Saturday - CCM vs Wests - 7:50
Sunday - Nux vs City - 5:00

Only two consequential games then, being tonight and Sunday.


A draw tonight is entirely plausible, and enough for us to finish second.

I don’t see Roar beating Jets without Bautheac who stupidly got himself sent off late last week. I’d say Jets are more likely to win.

Wests to probably win as you suggested.

Nux vs City is hard to pick. Its clear Nux have dropped a level once Rudan announced his departure at end of season, but we all know how shit City can be. If Schenkenveld is out, that’s a big blow for them defensively, especially in an attempt to stop a quick forward line. I’m inclined to agree that Nux may get back on track and win.

I’m thinking they’ll get a really good crowd for their last home game with a public holiday the next day and that might make a massive difference.


Vedran has a “shoulder injury” & Nizic is out with concussion so WSW are using their 3rd string GK and Zeljko’s 16 y/o son will be on the bench.

Brisbane v Newcastle will be 4-4.

Lol. No surprise this happened (and the story leaked about Babbel having tapped him on the shoulder) as soon as they were mathematically done and post-derby. Only two games left but imo he’d have been arsed even if they had 5 or 6 to go, he’s probably played his last game for them.

The chip on it was clearly too much to handle.


He’s not actually their third-string unless Suman has been released. Nonetheless … oh dear.

Why is Adelaide VS melbourne referred to as the original rivalry?

I guess because it might be the first rivalry that developed that wasn’t geography (derbies) /tradition (Sydney vs Melbourne) based.

Surprised to see such an early yellow against the Tards.

This is not a good game r

Because they clearly have to call every “big” game something. Pretty embarrassing, to be honest. I bet Speed just made it up somewhere and everyone else around him thought it was a good idea, so they ran with it.

Great to see antonis back after his career threatening injury of 2 weeks ago


Pretty dominant first 40 mins from Adelaide, just can’t see where the goal will come from…

What a shit game.

Need someone to fly in studs up on some one to get the fire going.

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Preferably Muscat.

Honda almost delivered.

That was beathcakes moment to shine. For shame.

This has late melbourne winner written all over it

Get in