A-League Round 3 Discussion

Wellington vs WSW - Sat 5:35pm
Jets vs Victory - Sat 7:50
Perth vs Brisbane - Sat 10:00
CCM vs Adelaide - Sun 5:00

A couple of good, well matched games here: a good chance to see where some of the contenders are. Perth and Roar could be good and it will be interesting to see where the Nux are at.

I’m looking forward to jets vs victory. The scenes if victory lose again and they’re still rock bottom

Victory also have an awful record in Newcastle. Only four wins in twenty games.

Nix V westys starting soon.

I think nix continue their good start to the year and get the biscuits

Baccus is playing so hard to argue.

Be interesting to see if Kamau is less shit than Sotirio. Also, if Fitzgerald can’t break into that midfield by round 6 he needs to find either a new club or a new career.

And OOOOH, Elrich at CB again.

reaches for popcorn

Apparently tongyik pulled up after warm up, so drops off the bench. Majok comes in

Nux making Wanderers look like a good side. Baumjohann makes it 1-0

Kamau is less shit than Sotirio? Do we really have to ask?

I would’ve thought Fitzgerald and Kamau were perfectly acceptable wing players. But I guess Babbel has to fit Keanu Baccus into that midfield somehow.

That said, Wanderers hit the lead. Kamau with an assist for Baumjohann.

Does Adrian get royalties for the celebration?

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Durante’s 250th WP game. He looked 250 years old for that goal.

Rudan needs to use some smelling salts on his team pronto. They’re even making Keanu Baccus look like a good footballer.

That was a foul (and thus a red) IMO - outside the box though.

Yep I thought so as well

Bonevacia providing more video clips for his future endorsement deal with Napisan. He can be so embarrassing sometimes.

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He’s in imminent danger of losing that sponsorship to Baumjohann.

Nix got dicked on 2 calls, also had a shout when Fenton got pushed over mid-strike. VAR process has sucked but still largely got calls right, seems it’s just being shelved this week and not used at all.

I think its getting to the point I’m just going to have to mute the coverage every time they cross to the Fox studio. Bosnich and Thompson have either never played football before or are lying through their teeth, frankly. Hamill has pushed Krishna over, which if I’m not mistaken you are not allowed to do. He didn’t play for the ball, either. So I side with the other posters that its a free kick and red card. Hamill probably got away with it by Krishna not immediately going down and trying to get the penalty instead.

Yeah there was nothing shoulder to shoulder about it. Clear as day shove from behind, clear foul and given last man, red card.

Completely agree straight red. It is quite clear they are not using var this week to avoid big issues like last week. Except I think not getting involved for that decision is ridiculous and making the var look worse