A-league Streaming Thread


Here are the ways to watch the A-league from 2018:

Kayo Sports
$25 a month HD streaming of Fox sports with a Netflix user experience - https://kayosports.com.au/

Fox Sports
Foxtel now (online) is ~$54 a month includes base and sport package, satellite would be similar price. See Foxtel: The best live sport, movies, new shows and complete seasons and Foxtel Now - stream on demand and live TV over the internet

Youtube Live Stream and On-Demand (VPN required in AUS)
The A-league will have every game live and on-demand this season for the first time on its youtube and twitter channels for users in countries which don’t have A-league broadcast rights. Use a VPN if in Australia and connect to Japan/Brazil/RandomEuropean Country for example. View the channel here https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHyundaiALeague and https://www.a-league.com.au/news/fans-more-corners-globe-set-watch-australian-football-season for more info on streaming.

Live stream (FREE for Telstra Customers)
The MyFootball app streams all games on mobile devices, free for telstra otherwise non-Telstra customers can purchase a $99.99 annual Live Pass, $16.99 monthly Live Pass, $4.99 weekly Live Pass. See https://www.a-league.com.au/news/download-my-football-live-app-now for more info.

One or Tenplay
One plays all main saturday night games on FTA and online on tenplay - https://tenplay.com.au/

See https://www.a-league.com.au/freetoairfixtures for list of games this season.

Reddit Soccerstreams
Can find just about any stream for any match around the world - https://www.reddit.com/r/soccerstreams Can be unreliable / dodgy so make sure you use ad block.

The a-league is broadcasted on a number of Overseas sports channels - ESPN+ in the US and BTSport in the UK for example. Any IPTV/cable provider with these channels will be showing a-league in HD.

After using the new My Football youtube channel overseas tonight to watch the derby on demand I thought I’d make a thread to share some different ways you can watch the A-league.

The Live and on-demand videos on youtube are top notch and its great to finally see a easy way to watch online.


Round 6 - Central Coast vs Sydney FC - 1/12/18
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Round 4 - Newcastle vs Sydney - 10/11/18
A-League Round 3 Discussion

Foxtel have just announced Kayo, a streaming service that is being dubbed “the Netflix of sports”.

$25 per month for all of the sports that Foxtel has rights to. (Fox Sports, ESPN, BeinSports etc.).

The advantage that I see is that it seems to support chromecast natively.


It looks interesting, but the disadvantages are that it’s $25, to mostly fund a bunch of shitcunt sports, and it’s owned by the western world’s most toxic arsehole.


I think its a great move by them to have proper HD streaming which isn’t $50+ a month for foxtel…


Having native Chromecast makes it interesting. The only sports I’d really want it for is Formula 1 & watching Sydney FC & Middlesbrough in the football & if Boro go up I wouldn’t be able to see them on Foxtel anyway. The A-league I can stream for free anyway because I’m with Telstra & I can subscribe to Boro games fairly cheaply through them. That leaves only F1 who already have there own streaming app, we’re mostly locked out of it in Australia due to existing contracts but it sounds like we won’t be when it comes up for renegotiation


Is Kayo a piece of crap for everyone else? Seems mostly ok for HAL but these Socceroo games I’ve had frequent drop outs.

This is on iOS with a perfectly good 80 mbps wifi connection.


Yeah, drops out for me too on iOS. Haven’t tried the new App yet though as you can only cast from Chrome.


I noticed the app after I posted that - and it was much more stable, but no AirPlay? Wtf?


The 720p HD Youtube stream works great.


Kayo is still in beta.
Been pretty good for me to date, although had some casting issues during the t20 cricket


The only problem I have with kayo is when hotspotting to my laptop to stream via hdmi and also using my tablet.

And red zone can’t be watched later on :frowning:




I have a Kayo-related update that I thought I’d report back about.

I’ve had a Gen 1 Chromecast for years (the stick version, before they became hockey pucks) and as much as I’ve liked the existence of Kayo, its streaming performance while on chromecast has been pretty poor. The game stutters and buffers reasonably often - more than enough to be frustrating, and on the way to unwatchable.

Today I decided to buy myself a(nother) Christmas present, and upgraded to the latest (non-Ultra) Chromecast. I’ve watched the first half of the F3 derby without it buffering once, which is a first for me for a live Kayo stream.

Fingers crossed, I think I’ve solved my streaming issues.


I’d noticed that with the same chromecast, guess I need to upgrade as well


Other upgrade option is the $72 Vodafone TV (well worth it particularly if you have an older TV that can’t get the MPEG4 channels)

At the moment can cast Kayo to it (it’s effectively a Chromecast Ultra) but expecting a proper AndroidTV app early 2019.

And it also does all the FTA channels, Netflix, Stan, etc on the one box.


Any one know if the My Football app is going to have our Champions League games? I’m guessing not, right?


I don’t think so. Pretty sure Telstra only have the rights to the A League. A good way to find out will be to see if you can watch the Jets’ ACL game on Tuesday night.

Kayo will work.


Recently moved house and have much faster wifi than before. So Kayo works heaps better than at the old place, proper HD picture quality the whole time which is great, but the sound & vision are always 0.5 to 1 second out of sync.

Doesn’t bother too much during games, but it’s annoying as hell during interviews or panel discussion when words are out of time with peoples mouths moving. Any ideas? Does this happen to everyone else as well?

FWIW: fast NBN wifi, 5G frequency, casting Kayo direct from iPhone to a Sony smart TV.


Mine does that as well. Unfortunately not much I’ve found can be done about it. Keen for the Kayo app for smart TV’s to eliminate that problem altogether.