A-League Women Grand Final vs Western United 30/4/23


Western United squad: 1. Alyssa DALL’OSTE (gk), 2. Stacey PAPADOPOULOS, 4. Jaclyn SAWICKI, 6. Chloe LOGARZO, 7. Francesca IERMANO, 9. Hannah KEANE, 10. Kahli JOHNSON, 11. Emma ROBERS, 13. Danielle STEER, 14. Natasha DAKIC, 15. Adriana TARANTO, 16. Melissa TARANTO, 18. Aleksandra SINCLAIR, 19. Tyla Jay VLAJNIC, 20. Sydney CUMMINGS, 21. Hillary BEALL (gk), 22. Alana CERNE, 24. Julia SARDO, 25. Tiana JABER

Ins: 6. Chloe LOGARZO, 7. Francesca IERMANO, 18. Aleksandra SINCLAIR (promoted), 25. Tiana JABER (promoted)

Outs: 23. Angie BEARD (injured)

Unavailable: 5. Aimee MEDWIN (injured), 12. Harriet Withers (injured)

Sydney FC squad: 1. Jada WHYMAN (GK), 2. Mary STANIC-FLOODY, 3. Charlotte McLean, 4. Anna GREEN, 5. Kirsty FENTON, 6. Sarah HUNTER, 7. Teigan COLLISTER, 8. Rachel LOWE, 9. Madison HALEY, 11. Cortnee VINE, 12. Natalie TOBIN (c), 14. Abbey LEMON, 15. Mackenzie HAWKESBY, 16. Deborah-Anne DE LA HARPE, 19. Charlize RULE, 20. Princess IBINI, 21. Shay HOLLMAN, 22. Indiana DOS SANTOS, 25. Rola BADAWIYA, 30. Katie OFFER (GK)

(4 to be omitted)

Ins : 2. Mary Stancic-Floody (promoted), 4. Anna GREEN (promoted), 7. Teigan COLLISTER (promoted), 14. Abbey LEMON (promoted)

Outs : Nil

Unavailable : 18. Taylor RAY (injured)

Beard out is big news, I missed that after our game (mostly tried to pretend it never happened)

Anyone got any good tips on parking in Parra?

Every time I’ve been to that stadium it’s been a massive ball ache.

A couple of times I’ve pre-booked parking in one of the many multi-storey car parks, and then spent over a hour trying to get out afterwards.

Train for me is a pain (I’m in the shire, so backtracking all the way to Redfern to change lines sucks - full respect to those who endured similar pain during the Kogarah years).

Last derby I tried looking for street parking and ended up finding something nearly a suburb away from the stadium.

Prebook an uber and park in Harris Park?

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What sort of crowd is expected? Maybe it won’t be as bad as a big derby?
I was also thinking about going to eat somewhere immeditely after the game to let the crowds clear. Is there decent kid-friendly food anywhere near the stadium?

I normally park in the justice centre carpark, not too bad getting out.

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I can’t make it today cos tail end of this virus is not letting up. If anyone wants my ticket you’re welcome to it.

No matter what happens today, yet another team that isn’t the Wanderers will win a trophy and title at WS Stadium. Us, Blacktown City, APIA, Bulls…

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This really could be a cracking final. A couple of key outs for Western definitely helps.

We needed that after the struggles in recent games to find goals.

Cracking start!

Excellent goal!

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Hell yeah what a start!

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Yes! Soaring header!

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Looks like a good crowd too. Definitely bigger than most WSW games at the same venue.


What a start

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That is a great tackle.

2-0. Lovely corner going for the repeat to Haley at the back post. Keep over committed and can’t leave Tobin free from there

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Another great set piece delivery.

Really happy for Nat.

Hadn’t scored in the last 3 GFs.