ACL 2021 discussion thread

Both the other A-League teams have way easier potential groups than Sydney.

Brisbane will have a Thai team (who lost a qualifier in their only other attempt at the comp in 2015) and a Vietnamese team who have never played ACL before.

Melbourne City will have a Thai team (who lost a qualifier to a Philippine team last year) and a Hong Kong team who have qualified for the group stage once and finished 4th, ten points off second place.

The rotten ACL luck of Sydney, the only automatic qualifier, to have easily the hardest potential group of all A-League teams.

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Tampines Rovers. I Can’t believe it. I already had the away day planned out.

Adds to my point before. Sydney qualifies constantly, should be worth some points just playing and scraping some wins. Instead we are ranked below all those asean clubs who lose qualifiers or finish 4th in their only attempts

Also another point, how can australian clubs manage to compete if its in a hub overseas? No chance either of the 3 aussie clubs can give up 6 to 7 weeks through quarantining and the tourney and fit in their season. It is a compact enough season as it is.

That sucks mate. Any thoughts on how they play? Players to look out for?

I saw them lose to Bali United last year who Victory then beat 5-0. They were down 2-0, up 3-2 then lost 5-3 in ET.

They were playing with a 43 year old naturalized Englishman who’d played 142 times for Singapore. They had a Canadian/ Jamaican upfront who could only be described as an Ian Tallguy clone.

They were not very good.


That’s the best thing about Europa league. You get to see teams like Legia Warszawa, Oleksandryia and Arsenal playing


So rather than trying to get through this difficult period while minimising risk, they’ve decided to add more teams to the competition? The AFC never ceases to amaze me.

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Go the Starbucks route. An ACL team in every corner! See what sticks.

They’re only doing it for the seafood buffets…

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A Singapore away trip would be so fun

Orchard towers :’(

This quote is hiding in an article about Socceroo qualifiers;

it was announced on Thursday that the start of the AFC Champions League’s east zone will be postponed until after the A-League season

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Apart from our lads not being match fit I think this is good. International travel might be ok by then…maybe

On 11 March 2021, AFC confirmed the hosts for the group stage, except for Group H and I whose hosts will be decided at a later date.

  • Groups A and D: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Group B: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  • Group C: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Group E: Margao, India
  • Groups F, G and J: Thailand
  • Groups H and I: TBC

Sydney FC are in group H so our hub destination is unknown for now. Games to start in June or July.

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Yeah, and it doesn’t interfere with the A League season.

They’ve just announced that our ACL games will be in Uzbekistan.

Fuck me, of course they are

We have the advantage of being able to call on Carney’s local knowledge.

Do we have the advantage of saying we don’t want to go and some other jokers can take out place?