ACL MD1 - Jeonbuk vs Sydney FC - 16-17/04/22

Okay so it’s midnight on Saturday night so I’m just going to put 16-17 April otherwise I know I’m personally going to forget.

We are going to be completely abject in this competition.

Well, without getting our hopes up too much last night we played Joenbuk in the Champions League was in 2020, and we only lost 1-0, and then drew 2-2 in the other game.

Hopefully the other teams will play terribly in the Vietnamese humidity, and we’ll beat 'em on climatization.

But yes, I expecting us to get arse blasted for the majority of the 6 games. Shame we can’t be more competitive.

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Love the Asian Champions League. We always do so so poorly but it’s always just nice to see us play against the clubs in Asia.


Shit no work the next day, I’ve really got no excuse

I choose to start the crying …


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I think we have a chance of winning this… or at least getting a draw… but we may get beaten


It always seems we have a sniff of winning then just not enough to get a result. This seems to be the case with a lot our A-league teams in Asia. Frustrating to watch but I probably will watch anyway.

The club announced a 34 man training squad, but do we know which of the NPL lads made the 26 man travelling party?

Every year I try to endure the 10 minute commute from Norwest to Lily’s when we’re away to Blacktown, assuming the NPL side will be substantially weakened this week with a few of them away.


With the weather in Sydney over the last 6 months, the lads should feel right at home in these sodden monsoonal conditions.

So what is the foreign player rule these days for this comp? We have all 5 foreign players (including Kosta who I assume is a foreign player) - If i remember correctly, it was 3 foreign players only previously…

You can register all the foreigners you want. I think.

But only 3 in the match day squad.

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Yeah this is how they do it in Japan. Vissel Kobe had about 9 foreigners at one point a few years ago and just cycled between them.

Taking Narsingh is a waste of a spot. One of the laziest overrated foreign players to ever kit up for us.

Coverage starts 2350, 10sport.
Doesn’t appear to be on Paramount+ at all

We can take as many foreigners as we want. But can’t put them all in the squad at the same time.

I just checked and there is an ‘AFC Champions League’ tile you have to go into, all the games are there including replay of City’s game last night. Assume match will be available to click on closer to midnight.

Yeah, I saw that. However, people were reporting that last night’s game was only available on 10. I was assuming that tonight would be the same. don’t want to be scrambling to find the broadcast late on.

True, it’s possible there are only replays there on Paramount. I’ll be ready with both…

Last night’s game was definitely live on P+. With the generic commentary though, apparently.