ACL MD1 - Sydney FC vs Ulsan - 6/03/19

Our first match day of the ACL campaign. This thread is for the match discussion. I’ve put up another thread for general ACL discussion which also includes a preview of all our opponents:

In case you’re all wondering, “arse blast” in Korean is 엉덩이를 때리다.


That’s the content I come to SFCU for.

I’m more optimistic about this game than any of our others. Hoping to nick a 1-0.

Game to be delayed whilst SFC officials dart around Kogarah removing all shop signs, street names, titles of any commercial interests that don’t comply with AFC guidelines.

Game goes ahead after quality seafood buffet from nearby Leagues Club arrives.


We were awful at home last time out and I expect little change to that here. Asian sides come out here to defend, and given we can struggle at times to break down the very lax HAL-level defending, I see little chance of improvement this season. I don’t think we scored a goal at home last season did we?
0-1 or 0-2 loss.

I hope so, I’ll probably struggle to make it in time for half time.

I blame our forthcoming failure in this tournament on Sizzlers closing down. There’s no way an AFC official turns down an all you can eat buffet.

Ah man, those reminders of AFC making our club waste money on covering up the Allianz stadium sponsorship - when Allianz were an AFC sponsor anyway - does make one’s heart go tepid for this competition.

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We’re going to cop an 엉덩이를때리다.


Thread delivers

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Highlight of 3 weeks in Byron Bay? Sizzler on GC. Great times.

Doesn’t surprise me. Apart from the Lighthouse and the nightlife all of the best attractions of Byron Bay are not actually in Byron. Even the festivals are held 20km out of town.

How many players can we have on the bench in this sham of a competition then?

7 players.

only if they bring a platter of some sort

Lol fuck the afc


Haha are those seriously real? That’s amazing.

holy crap… surely that’s a joke? The worst thing is that looking at the soap, you don’t really think that it’s Dettol. With the sticker, first thing I see is the Dettol logo

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Pretty sure he’s done it at his house guys.

who the hell has a test/tagged fire blanket at home?

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