ACL MD1 - Sydney FC vs Ulsan - 6/03/19


It’s legit.


Again, fuck I hate this tournament.


Unfortunately it looks like it’s going to rain a fair bit tomorrow in the afternoon and evening and there may even be a storm. This would be the first time we have had to face the rain since we moved to Jubilee right?


If they show our match in Japan they are going to have to pixelate it




Optimism says 1-1 draw, negativity says 3-0 loss.


Look we’re gonna get totally done. Watching the speed of a lesser-credentialled Korean side giving Melbourne a brutal wedgie right now, we’re just headed for arse-blast country tomorrow. Bring a tub of lube to Kogarah.


For any of you who like a bet, Ulsan currently $2.60 lol


I often wish I was a betting man at times like this.
I should keep a virtual tally, to see if I’m right.


Adam Peacock noted this example of AFC blocking sponsors:


I understand inside the stadium and what can be seen on TV, but f*ck me, the microwave?


I have an ex-housemate, Korean bird, born in Ulsan and a lifelong fan. She’s done loads of work on the ground to assist them here, translating and assisting them with logistics, hotels / transport etc. She’s done this for previous ACL trips to Oz as well, apparently it’s quite common for Korean teams to leverage their fan base / diaspora rather than have a club employee attend to it all.

She’s been in almost constant contact with their team officials since they qualified, gone above and beyond to attend to all their requests, but now that they’re actually here and don’t need her help anymore they’ve stiffed her and haven’t come through with pre-agreed perks (she was promised some merch and match tickets as a token thank you).

The other Korean clubs look after their own in this respect, but Ulsan apparently have a reputation for being arrogant pricks who are very hard to deal with, they think they’re the kings of Korea because they’re backed by Hyundai or something.

So tl;dr they’re massive cunts and even one of their own fans is now rooting for Sydney to win tonight.


Anyone expecting any changes? Expecting the same XI as Friday


You’d have to assume the same lineup as the weekend.

I’d be shocked if Corica changes anything except Brosque on the bench if he’s good to go.


But god I hope we’re careful for the first half.

We’ve got to get smarter, tactically. We can’t just say oh well we’ll focus on ourselves and play our usual game and hope it works out.

Get in at 0-0 and do em in the second half when they’re tiring and our fitness should show…


I’m assuming SDJ isn’t available in which case I’d anticipate the same starting eleven. Part of me hopes for Ivanovic over Caceres but I don’t see it happening. Luke is a good option to bring off the bench anyway.


Gonna be a predictable 11 and formation, you’d have to assume. It’s not like our coaching staff of recent years to ruin our ACL opponents’ research and preparation by doing anything surprising - that would be the height of unsportsmanship.


Looks like the weather is going to be a bit fucked.


It’s very sleepy here for a game day.

Fire up, farkers:
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I think the rain is supposed to ease off by game time but it will probably be fucked getting there and might fuck up the public transport.