ACL MD1 - Sydney FC vs Ulsan - 6/03/19


Might pop home for some gumboots.


Is the whole top section of the grandstand undercover? Or better to go further back?


Pretty sure you’ll be fine up there unless you’re in the front few rows (the rain might blow in). Regardless I’m sure there’ll be spare seats that you can move to.


Tell her we’ll buy her a cove ticket and she can watch the match with us.


I had one in my last flat in Annandale, installed on the wall of the kitchen by a previous Landlord but it was on the inventory so there it stayed.
It actually creeped me out a bit tbh.


Many thanks for the offer Jubes. She’s already managed to grab tickets from another Korean friend and will be joining us in the Cove end, just as soon as she’s given a large “shi bai” (fuck you) to the Ulsan bench. :+1:


Up til about ten minutes ago I thought I was looking forward to going to the Bat & Ball for pre-game drinks.


Looks like not much coming behind . Should be right.


Next time Ulsan come over be sure tell her to pick a restaurant off this list to give them as a recommendation:


Pax 3528 as of now.


No changes, but Brosque on the bench:


Happy enough with that tbh. We will need Caceres to work hard for us to compete in midfield, if he can’t then Retre hopefully can from the bench. And right now Devlin & Ivanovic are fair and square more deserving than DDS, so easy call as to who makes way for the skipper imo.


Hope we put in a good performance but very little hope in a result


We’re playing in our away strip tonight because AFC deemed its too close to Ulsan’s home strip. Never, ever change, AFC shakes head


Why would that matter if Ulsan use their away strip (as they should given they ARE the away team)…?


That’s the most AFC shit ever.


Pretty sparse roll up so far
Cove making a very surprising amount of noise for their numbers


It’s always good noise at these games. Only the hardcore turn up.


Yep. My lasting memories of going to the game against Suwon in 2011 when we had McFlynn sent off and scrapped a goal-less draw, that the noise was louder than most games that had three times the attendance of that night. And the booing was so loud it kicked any other noise completely out of the stadium. Great stuff.


Keep it tight lads. 0-0 is a platform. 0-2 isn’t.