ACL MD2 - Kawasaki vs Sydney FC - 13/03/19


We are playing at 9pm Sydney time in Japan. Kawasaki didn’t pick up any points against SIPG so will be really looking for that win. Kawasaki drew 2-2 with Yokohama on the weekend (that’s Ange’s team).

I feel like we can get a point out of this game.


I think we are a shot if we can finish in front of goal, now would be a great time for Reza and Alf to click…oops, I mean…we are going to get arse blasted.


Pretty worried about this. Kawasaki seem like a really quick, direct playing team which is something we can’t deal with at all.

We couldn’t even deal with CCM playing direct with pace merchants.





Would you say that as soon as they play a long ball their wingers are on their bike after it?


We never win in Japan.




so desu


Looks like we are going to do the smart thing and hit on the counter.


Good plan with our plethora of lightning quick counter attacking players …


I would really love to say we are going to get points from this match. But reality is they are just a far superior team to us. Arse Blasting at 50 paces tonight.

Hope I eat my words.


As per stitty


Surely counter attacking means ivanovic and devlin right?


Ivanovic certainly for a period. I’m also thinking Brosque might get a look in.


wait you actually think corica will choose an XI to fit the tactics he needs per match? hahahahaa


To get a result we will have to confound all pre- game reality.


Brosque in for Reza. No Brillante, with Retre in midfield. Also we are down a player on the bench right? Could Brillante have been injured or something?


He must be injured there is no way brilliante didn’t make the bench


Unless he’s in Korea signing a contract?


Club said Josh has been unsettled by overseas interest: