ACL MD2 - Sydney FC vs Jeonbuk - 4/03/2020

Current state of the group:
Yokohama - 6 points (2 played), +5GD
Shanghai SIPG - 0 points (0 played), 0GD
Jeonbuk - 0 points (1 played), -1GD
Sydney - 0 points (1 played), -4GD

A win here is pretty much a necessity to get out of the group.

you have the wrong date

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Assuming that it was wrong and has now been updated? 4th March is correct yeah?

Yeah I originally had 1 March for some reason.

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We’re going to get arse blasted out of the acl.

Yep, we’re going to get Peach Hatba’d.

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Whenever our domestic form had been incredible we’ve been absolutely thumped in Asia. We’ve been playing like garbage in the league lately. Therefore, 3-0 Sydney.

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Very true indeed.

I assume the Jeonbuk team is already in the country and doesn’t have to face some kind of quarantine period right? I hadn’t even thought there would be a problem till my old man asked me if they were in the country yet

Yep they had a training session at Leichhardt Oval today per their instagram.

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Play the youth squad and bin this acl


FYI these are key players to watch as we face off against the K-League Champions on Wednesday (Wilko’s old club nonetheless!)

Surely with all these date changes it’s just gonna push it back further & further with turn around as being tighter & tighter clashing with all the various leagues games.

Wonder if they will make the call to call it ASAP

Unfortunately our youth team have more pressing commitments atm too.

Anyone in Canberra want to beer and watch?

My forecast has the rain stopping about 4-5pm tomorrow afternoon. Are we EVER gonna get to wear the poncho’s?

Im frankly upset they didnt give them to us 10 years ago if theyre the reason we’ve had two dry years.

Anyone else have almost no enthusiasm for this game?

With this wet weather, we may get some records crowds tonight. Record lows.

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