ACL MD4 - Yokohama vs Sydney FC - 25/04/22

Time for another punch in the gut.


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Can we just forfeit?

May as well put votes in now:

3 points - Phil
2 points - Shane
1 point - Maxi


If this is going to go to script then hopes should be raised first before being dashed. Not just dashed outright. Therefore I fully expect a gritty come from behind win. Get in.

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9pm kick off is at least a positive I guess

But I’ll up till 11 watching us suck!

The trick is to fall asleep during the pre-game and wake up on the couch when the home shopping channel is playing.


Luckily I’m already liquored up with tomorrow off!


Weird line up. But Wood starts so there’s that


Patty starting had me excited until seeing the three planks surrounding him. How the fuck do we end up with Milos sitting out but neither Caceres or Burgess starting? Sackable offence right there.


Or even Amini.

Steeling myself for disappointment.

We’re just sitting deep and trying to hit them on the break, aren’t we.

This is the worst lineup ever

6-0 loss

If either one of Caceres, Burgess or Amini played we might be able to field a competent 4-3-3.

Instead we’re going to play the same 4-4-2 box with 3 of those front 4 shoehorned in, unable to keep the ball or offer any threat, while our backline is under strength missing Wilko and Talbot. We’ll be under increasing pressure until we crack, Marinos should get 3 or 4 comfortably.

I pity Paulo and Yaz already.


So we’re playing Rhyan out of position at LB to accommodate Harry or we’re playing Harry there and completely destroying him?
Fuck me, I’m going to struggle to even load this let alone watch it.

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Elvis and Wood up front. For sure we will lob in lots of high balls … until Bobo comes on.

This is Yokohama’s second team right?

And, again, no McGinn starting. He can’t possibly be a worse defender than HVDS