ACL MD5: Ulsan vs Sydney FC - 7/05/19

Current ACL table is:

Ulsan - 8 points
Shanghai - 5 points
Kawasaki - 4 points
Sydney - 3 points

Kawasaki host Shanghai in the other game.

If we win, we will still be at least in with a chance in the final round regardless of the result in the other game. A draw in the other game would see us tie with Shanghai on 6 points for second place and that would be our best-case scenario.

If we draw here we would still be in it if it’s a draw or a Kawasaki win in the other game.

If we lose here then a draw in the other game would still keep us in it (I think, I’m not sure on what the tie-breaker rules are), needing a win in our final game against Kawasaki.

It looks like some core players have travelled:

If our progress was out of our hands then play the kids but we still have a decent chance of going through and should treat the match as such. There’s 3 full days to recover from the match and travel prior to the semi final. There’s 6 seasons of analysis on Muscat’s Melbourne and it’s the 4th time we’ve played them competitively this season so if those 3 days aren’t enough time to prepare then there are serious issues.

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Brosque, Grant and SDJ have been left in Sydney:

Grant and Brosque should be fit for Sunday.

Love to be proven wrong but think we’re making the wrong decision trying to focus on both.


I think you have to though. Otherwise what’s the point? Might as well just be the Mariners.


Wilkinson left at home as well…

That’s good, we need him at his best.

O’Neill is the one I’m most worried about. Only Redmayne and O’Neill have played every game for us this season.

If we’re not playing Wilko, Grant, Brosque and Siem thats almost second string.

I guess we’re likely to play

Retre Tratt Calver Zullo
O’Neill Brillante
De Silva Ninkovic
Alf Reza

And then for Victory, assuming everyones fit to start
Grant Wilko Calver Zullo
O’Neill Brillante
Siem Ninkovic
Brosque ALF

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Both strong line ups that should be able to win each game.

Zullo to come off after 60 or 70 minutes please.

Lol at MV only taking 15 players. I mean that in a “fair play to them” kinda way, I’ve no problems with clubs showing the same kind of disdain the AFC usually shows them.

A valiant 1-1 which we dominate incoming.

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I’d go with a valiant 2-1 loss where we dominate possession, total shots, shots on target, corners and wasted chances

Team is almost as I predicted a few posts up. Caceres instead of de Silva

Milos is captain.

Quite the demotion from being God.


Couldn’t agree more, we also haven’t played since the 27th April so we really should be able to handle two games in five days. I would hope we want to win all of our remaining games.

Bozza just tipped us. We’re fucked.

Home advantage seems limited to knowing where the shitters are, way to support the home team Ulsan