ACL MD5: Ulsan vs Sydney FC - 7/05/19

If anyone was considering SDJ staying, then this line-up means his SFC career is over.

Why spend $$ on a marquee (and use a foreign spot) on a player who can’t even compete in the most premier and elite competition your club is in? Bobo / Ninko / Adrian were all able to compete in both comps.

Then why re-sign Grant? Corica is resting injured or injury prone players, which is very reasonable.

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Why sign an injury prone player on marquee money who has missed 12 games this season?

Look I agree with that point absolutely, and I wouldn’t re-sign him, but I don’t think missing an ACL game is enough to warrant not signing him.

Lol what? Holosko didnt play ACL and he was more than worth it

I’m loving the ultras with a full percussion section.

Best move of the game so far.

" the beats so sweet like booty meat" :sunglasses:

Argh Reza has to bury that. Won’t get many free headers in the box.

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Head like a biscuit tin


A 50 cent piece

I really hope Reza is let go at the end of the season.

Yeah same with me. Shame he tries hard but he just doesn’t produce

I’m pretty sure he’ll be gone.

I’ve felt like the criticism of Brillante over the last season or two has been a bit harsh at times but he’s really not doing well tonight. With a maximum of four matches to go for him I wonder if he’s checked out.

Yep. Given the ball away a few times, and asked the question with a pen call (although would have been very soft).

Yeah the whole Korean offer thing clearly got to him and he’s ready to move on.

Really thought a player called Gucci was er… tailor-made for ESFC. So disappointed he has not delivered.

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It’s all been downhill for Brillante since he cut his hair