ACL MD6 - Sydney FC vs Kawasaki - 21/05/19

Who gives a shit that we can’t qualify? Let’s throw a party.

Some classic AFC in the lead up:

I would like to see a SEA of Dunny seats!

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What’s the team going to be? The NPL side?

90 minutes of this please.

WE’VE BEEN TO Adelaide and Wellington
But never been to Rome
And when we played Perth Glory
They fucked it up at hooooome
They fucked it up at hooooooooommme


They should send Heward-Belle and Stevie should storm out, Mourinho style.

Honestly would be happy with us putting this out

Tratt Calver Jop King
Caceres Retre
Ivanovic DDS Ninkovic

Bench: heward-belle, wilko, devlin, Reza, tilio

Nah start Devlin over Ninko. Otherwise spot on.

Actually hell give Reza his last run out.

Give Reza the armband because fuck it why not


Grant. Tratt Wilko King
Ivanovic Devlin Branners Ninko
Calver Reza


Campari in the water bottles.


I really hope we get a good turnout tomorrow night, it’s magic that we have a chance to send them off at home after last nights unforgettable events. A final farewell for Brosquey, with the toilet seat around his neck at home, Forza Sydney FC shaking the rafters… could not be more fitting. I can hardly wait, hope the AFC goons don’t go out of their way to fuck it up for us… Can anyone remember if the championes had to play an ACL 2 or 3 days after a GF before?

Melbourne Victory did one year, can’t rememeber which one. When they beat Adelaide perhaps?

The players to drive Ferrari’s to the game as well?

Pretty sure Roar did as well.

Well der … :roll_eyes:

In 2010, we won the shoot out and the losers got on a plane to go play ACL.

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Brosque will play at some point, possibly start so he can receive a standing ovation when he is subbed off.

What, three minutes in with a tight hammy?

I find Kawasaki bikes to be less reliable, and worse value-for-money, than some of its Japanese competitors.

Are we still doing this thing?


FMD. Absolute peak AFC that. What a pack of cunts.

As long as we cover up the label on the water bottles and avoid a fine, we should be sweet.

I’d be happy to see Bimbi on the sideline in a Bintang singlet sinking cans too.