Adelaide United Thread

Following Regan leaving and now Elsey doing an ACL theyve got one fit CB on their books

And after seeing their new striker turn out a few times I think we can pretty much write them off as a championship contender.

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Thats shitty. I like Elsey and like Kurz/Adelaide. Mileusnic been injured (dont know how totally serious that is) absolutely does not help at all

After the Cup Final I hate their fans with a burning passion. Shit city, shit people.

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Given he scores a goal every 4.25 games he’s probably the answer to their defender shortfall.

Thomassen was such a weird signing. Really unimpressive resume. Kurz has bought in some pretty handy to pretty good visa players in Boland, Adlung, Ilso, Absolonsen previously whove all played at a good level so Im not sure what they thought with this one

Getting a decent striker in January is near impossible, sometimes you gotta take a punt on whatever you can get (see Brisbane taking Charlie and trialling Babalj).

In unsurprising news Kurz will not coach Adelaide after this season

"It’s understood one of the reasons why the 49-year-old wasn’t going to get an extension was that he “is results driven and wasn’t promoting young players into the Reds A-League squad.”

You also fail to see why he’d want to stick around. So much of the weird idiosyncrasies of coaching in the HAL seemed to rile him up, and he came across as having an utterly miserable time.
May be a glimmer in it for the Jets to catch them now.

The best of all possible results:

Both John and Ross Aloisi have reportedly been contacted about the soon to be vacant Adelaide United coaching position.

Marco Kurz and the Reds confirmed this week that they will part ways at season’s end with The Courier Mail claiming Adelaide officials have reached out to the Aloisi brothers’ representatives.

Both enjoyed playing stints in the region with Ross infamously captaining United before being sent off in 2006/07 A-League grand final.

John left Brisbane Roar in December last year after a tough run with Ross also following suit having been his brother’s assistant.

The same report also states Robbie Fowler could be announced as Roar’s new coach by early next week with the former Liverpoolplayer a strong favourite to land the job.

Damian Mori would make more sense


Please let the Aloisi brothers coach Adelaide. Hilarity will ensue.

Ilso suspended for testing positive to coke. Still has a B sample.

Absolutely the first bloke you’d pick to be on it.

Nichols to Adelaide confirmed!

One could say it is a straight swap.

This guy rumoured to be their next manager

Wow. Looks like he likes to fall out with the players everywhere he goes.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Damian Mori gets the job. There were a few comments he made during commentary on Sunday night that sounded more like an interview for the job than just his normal level of (very good) insight.

Mori is very highly rated as a coach so it feels like just a matter of time, particularly after Rudan showed that the NPL to A-League step is viable for a coach.


Go the Frogger.

AU want a Dutch coach… end of.