AFL: The worst sport ever - AFLXtreme edition


The return of an old favourite thread.

If you haven’t seen the newly announced AFLX logos… Do yourself a favour.


Anyone can see that AFLX is really only there to damage surfaces that are likely to be used for other codes. Its an absolute disgrace. Someone is getting a lot of money from this and its not the AFL.


It’s an experiment that has gone too far. It actually tarnishes the AFL brand/sport and could literally turn people off. I hated the A League All-Stars approach at playing EPL teams (the closest comparison to AFLX), you’re taking club legends and mixing them with players from other clubs for which there is often a rivalry, for the sake of a bit of commercialism and cheap, sugar-hit entertainment. I don’t mind AFL, but I hate the AFL regime and AFL centric media, so all I can say is that I hope they continue down this path and start to really annoy rusted on AFL fans.

For what it’s worth (slightly off-topic, but there is a link) - I was chatting with a work colleague a few weeks ago about Cricket. He is a massive cricket fan but he was saying that he’s sick of all of the big bash and 20/20 stuff, and that because of all of that he doesn’t really follow cricket that much anymore. He was also frustrated because he grew up with tests and one-dayers, and wanted his kids to enjoy the same, but they only like the big bash because of the entertainment value. So now, he doesn’t take his kids to test matches, but also doesn’t take them to the big bash. AFLX isn’t quite in the same category, but if kids start to like AFLX and identify with those lame new clubs rather than the traditional ones, it might start to create an issue for them.


It’s a farce. Why build a sustainable, professional women’s comp when you can throw money at a gimmick format?


The women’s comp is just a PR stunt.