AFL: The worst sport ever - AFLXtreme edition


I always love the AFL threads on here. The expected anti-Victorian bias leavened with a genuine and well-articulated loathing of the sport itself. Top shelf, fellas, keep it up


So who do you barrack for anyway?

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Rory doesn’t barrack. He gets stabby.

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Better give him a guernsey…

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I mainly follow international AFL… the ‘All Australian’ team.
Pumped for when they make their debut!

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What you haters don’t get is how egalitarian the Vic Rules footy is.

Had a shot at goal? Missed? Maaate, no worries. We’ll give you a point for having a go!


Don’t forget how inclusive of other sports they are. For example when someone kicks the ball while it is on the ground they “soccer” it.
I like that they persist with this term despite it being rather confusing & confronting to their base audience. Imagine poor little Johnny Collingwood when he hears the commentator use the term. Looking up at the tv he expects to see a player morph into a can’t speak Australian, non-assimilating, flare waving, chair throwing European compiling a gang to come here, take all our Sherrins and try and make them round. Instead, as he prepares to ring Eddie Maguire and proclaim the game has gone to the dogs, he is left stunned, bemused and outraged at those bloody wogs as he watches the player kick the ball off the ground.


Man, channel 7 just love producing fake news for their beloved AFL.


The joke is on the mouth breathers who believe it.


Way to sell not having a sponsor for the stadium post-Spotless. Maybe the Jets should have used a similar spiel for their ACL shirt sponsorship?

Also: “The venue itself continues to be a world class, boutique stadium“. :sweat_smile::rofl::joy:


I know Penrith Stadium has had some clusterfuck names like betting companies & the like… but also have been named Panthers Stadium for some seasons.

But… first for Australian sport? Dafaq?


I think it was the first time in Australian sport that the governing body paid for it and then said it was paid for by anonymous members.


Psst, if you don’t mention Shark Park, I won’t mention Shark Park.


Or Dolphin Oval.


Or that time they named that big stadium at Homebush after Sydney Olympic.


Or when they named it the Sydney Football Stadium 16 years before we were a club.


The combination of calling them cheersquads and banning the word “wanker” is so very AFL.


The term ‘cheer squad’ makes me want to send out a death squad.

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I wonder how’d they’d react the time we spent 15mins calling Eugene a cunt?