ALM - Round 11 Discussion - 2023/24

Thursday, January 4
Adelaide vs Wellington @ 7:45pm AEDT

Friday, January 5
Macarthur vs Newcastle @ 7:45pm AEDT

Saturday, January 6
Western Suburbs vs Central Coast @ 5:30pm AEDT
Perth Glory vs Australia’s Shame @ 9:45pm AEDT

Sunday, January 7
Western United vs Melbourne City @ 5:00pm AEDT

My predictions:

Adelaide 1-1 Welly
Macarthur 2-1 Newcastle
Western Suburbs 2-1 Central Coast
Perth 1-1 Shame
Western United 0-4 Melb City

Adelaide Utd 1 - 2 Nix
Macarthur 0 - 2 Jets
Parra scum 1 - 3 Mariners
Perth 0 - Australia’s Shame 3
Western Utd 0 - Melbourne City 5

I don’t say Western Suburbs because it’s historically been used for Inner West too. Like Ashfield. It’s not Western Sydney. :person_shrugging:t4:

Adelaide 4, Wellington 4
Macarthur 2, Newcastle 2
WSW 3, CCM 2
Perth 1 Melbourne 2
WU 1, City 5

Another decent crowd. Summer football is a hit with the locals.

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Pretty clear offside, but shows how good Welly are on the break.

That won’t get ruled out. Very sloppy defending. Kosta absolutely stole that.

Ansell not providing much cover there.

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Has to be like 12-13k there in Adelaide tonight. I think crowds everywhere seem to be up, including BBL and NBL over the summer period. Glad to see there is some use of ~7:30pm kickoff games during weeknights because it seems like the crowds are always good, and it also means more games can be played later at night instead of 3 or 5pm kick offs on Sat/Sun to fit the TV schedule.

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Whilst its not 7:30 in Adelaide, I do agree with the changed holiday scheduling. During school holidays mid-week games at kid friendly times makes sense. Yesterday’s ALW game at Leichhardt was a good crowd and the 5:00pm kickoff allowed for a real picnic vibe on the hill.

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Surely they have to be putting Kelly-Heald onto Ibusuki on set pieces.

Kosta having a tilt at the golden boot

He’s going to get it if he keeps getting spoonfed sitters like that.

That’s superb from Nestory.

If he makes the right career choices in Europe and keeps developing, I can see Nestory having as big an impact in the Socceroos as Viduka.

You will be hard pressed to find a better save than that this season.


Paulsen is one hell of a keeper

This is very entertaining

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How has Poulsen saved that?

Cracking game